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people will slow down coming to mastodon. This has always been the case in the past. But mastodon is awesome nonetheless, I liked spending time there even before twitter migration. It’s not better or worse without the users from twitter.

I can’t make it through this. Did he do something funny? Most of his content is exhausting to watch.


just because all the child porn went to 8kun doesn’t mean 4chan is dead.

They’re based, the world is burning who cares about old paintings.

The suffragettes destroyed art in the same museum 😂

Wtf do you want, why would you ask this question?

saaaaaaaaame. I probably am and don’t even know it.

Where in Russia would you want to live? Apparently Moscow is very rich.

Oh did the EU leaders raise the gas price?

where else to post all the entertaining stuff?

would be good for the environment I guess…


also I guess people won’t need multiple accounts if they follow many from one, so maybe it’s not so bad?

yes I agree!

Could be high traffic for servers though if people follow all different kinds of accounts all over AP.