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We all got $150 Amazon gift cards this year at work. That better not be all we get lol.

Had me in the first half not gonna lie

Who is Andrew Tate anyway? I’ve been avoiding looking him up. Some MMA fighter turned misogynistic podcaster?

I’m fine with my instance being sparsely populated. I run this instance mainly for me.

Here in my city there’s actually a place that is pretty much that. They have a table saw and other woodworking tools that you pay a small fee to use per month and if you want your own space you can join the collective and you get a reserved space big enough for a workbench or two.

I can’t quite pin down what annoys me so much about them. Maybe that people put them up as a form of “protest” that doesn’t actually accomplish anything. Or virtue signaling.

Government subsidies and generational wealth from an apartheid era emerald mine.

Were gulags actually terrible places to be or was it just a place to reform counter-revolutionaries? The term “re-education” still sounds creepy though.

I stand next to other dudes at the urinals and say, “nice dick bro”.