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I have an embroidered, velcro-backed patch of this for my range hat.

In my case docker didn’t have a default max size that logs would stop at, so they just grew and grew exponentially. I also had the highest log level turned on to debug something so it was constantly logging a bunch of data.

That’s different than arguing with people on the internet. Daryl Davis shows these people their shared humanity face-to-face. All I’ve ever seen from letting fash “debate” people on the internet is them slowly spreading their ideology to vulnerable people who are viewing the same conversations. Saying stuff that sounds reasonable on the surface like, “not everyone you disagree with is a nazi” even though they want to kill minorities as if that motive vs not wanting that to happen/doing everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t happen is a simple disagreement.

Nazis/extremists don’t respond to rational arguments against their ideology.

Lmao, I forgot about this video. I think my favorite part of it is when he takes off in his car whistling and runs a stop sign on camera.

“We want to kill minorities” is not a difference of opinion.

Fellas, is it gay to drink lemonade?

I half agree with his gun regulation stance. While ideally there would be more caution given to who owns guns that is unfortunately not the world americans have been living in the last 80 years or so. The fascists have guns, lots of them, and I’m not giving mine up while they have them.

Everything else he said is 100% based.

“How could socialism do this?”

We all got $150 Amazon gift cards this year at work. That better not be all we get lol.

Had me in the first half not gonna lie

Who is Andrew Tate anyway? I’ve been avoiding looking him up. Some MMA fighter turned misogynistic podcaster?