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Usually neutral good, but if I can’t find the clip, I’m neutral evil.

Try to understand, not everyone likes windows. They require quite a bit of maintenance, are usually insecure and speaking personally, some setups just don’t look good. It’s why some people opt for skylights instead.

Oof. Shots fired. Good. Unity could use a couple more salvos.

Hell yes, I’m lazy. And proud of it. I went to school, I finished college, I tried to work hard and all I got in return was middling pay and more work. So of course I stopped working my ass off and started prioritizing my free time and well-being instead. In this day and age, laziness is a virtue.

Man, I hope there were some heavy repercussions for the person who did this. This isn’t funny, it’s just wasteful and mean-spirited.

As someone who was also confused by this, thank you!

This part of the song in Shaggy’s Angel:

“You’re my angel, you’re my darling angel. Closer than pizza your are to me”

Like, I knew that can’t possibly be what he was saying, but I couldn’t hear otherwise. Even now, I know he says “peeps”, but I keep hearing “pizza”.

You evil son of a witch.

Okay, Out the Windu was pure gold.

What are the R’s and the I’s under the picture?

I actually knew about this, but for some reason, I tought it meant Michael Jackson-themed sleepovers. I’m stupid like that sometimes.

The heck are Michael Jackson sleepovers? It sounds kind of suspect.

Ah, okay. I’ve never had a tattoo made and am not familiar with the process.

I can only hope that this is trollbait. No sane parent would purposely ruin their children’s body (yes, it can be removed, but to do so you have to do a whole thing). On another note: what the heck’s wrong with having Zelda tattoos? I’ve seen the triforce tattoo on more than a few people. It looks cool.

Wow. This pretty much constitutes verbal abuse. I’m sorry you had to hear all that. And hey, I’m happy for you!

This is probably not a meme, so apologies for that. I do find it funny, though. …


Learn and play Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn (it's a card game)

So I recently got this board game. It’s sort of, kind of like Magic: the Gathering. You play as a so-called Phoenixborn and you have a set number of hit points. When they reach zero, you lose. There’s a bit more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it. Alas, it’s kind of hard to get a match going…


Diablo Immortal is now banned in China

This is hilarious. Blizzard created Diablo Immortal with the express purpose of getting their foot into the Chinese market. Then some genius at Blizzard had the brilliant idea to make a post on Weibou (a social network in China) to make fun of Xi Jinping: …


GOG and IO Interactive are finding out what happens when you try to sell a game with online DRM on a DRM-free store

The game in question being Hitman: Game of the Year Edition, which has content locked away behind an online connection. The community is not taking the news well: …


Just in time for your daily dose of Schadenfreude. …


Just tried the latest elementary OS in VirtualBox and... is it supposed to be this obtuse?

I’m just screwing around with the OS, but I have to say, I’m a bit perplexed. …