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He’d get a lot of looks, but tbh, they’d still let him in.

arrest you or disappear you entirely for just being Gay.

So, Texas 25 years ago? The Supreme Court came for abortion, they’re coming for gay rights next. Voat hard, lib.

Probably because the ban waves haven’t really started. Elon has owned the company for mere days. The collapse of twitter will take many months or years.

Sitting around doing “nothing” is bad because capitalists can’t profit from that.

I’m skeptical that you could visit a US hospital this many times and the bill would only be $1.2million.

Bush was pretty useless, sure, but the useless and incompetent police forces who let this happen existed long before Bush was doing lines of coca off the Resolute Desk.

I want him to live just long enough to see socialism resurge.

“I’ve procured these cute little blindfolds you can put on them before you shoot them. Good luck sleeping for the rest of your life, btw.”

Replace the property tax with a progressive tax on rental income and you would actually be moving towards a real solution. Property titles should also only be in the name of a real person, not fictitious corporate entities to prevent the rich from dodging this tax.

“Worry about trans athletes stealing scholarships and smug homosexuals being allowed to buy your $5,000 cakes.”

Thunderf00t has his failings, but his series on why people laugh at creationists helped de-program me from a lifetime of religious brainwashing. His more recent stuff is loaded with ad breaks, but I still watch every one of his vids and get several laughs every time. His takedowns of Elon musk are brutal.

She scratches her landlord’s furniture and dares him to do something about it.

Not sure what the market is like where you life, but no homeowner near me is “taking a loss” unless they bought 6 months ago. The types of people who buy houses to flip them in this way are parasites who deserve what they get.

Taxes are only “low” in the United States if you’re a rich oligarch who gets their money from stocks and dividends.

If the council had voted it down, would the cops have arrested them? What a totally normal and free “democracy.”

In this case, it’s just funding for the LAPD to push the homeless around and steal their stuff periodically. The homeless include an army of the mentally differentiated who can’t be used for slave labor.

The worst part is, the taxes aren’t even low. The money is just spent on 3 trillion dollar jets that don’t work.

The laborers who creates these festivals were largely contractors. They either died or moved on to new employment during the pandemic. Now festival promoters are flabbergasted that their low paid workers were actually the ones who made shit happen…


Rumors also suggest she could also vacuum any amount of cocaina off the appendage to get herself going.