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Agree. Lenin - State and Rev, and Lenin - Leftwing Communism: an infantile disorder, lay out clear step-by-step instructions, and pitfalls encountered along the way, guided by experience of revolution and civil war.

But as both Lenin and Mao said, winning the war is the easy part, constructing socialism with few models to go on is a lot more difficult.

AM Gittlitz - I want to believe. It’s about Posadism, but gets deep into the shitshow of Trotskyism in Latin America and Europe.

Bourgeois democracy really is a reality TV show political system.

The Vim to Vscode one really gets to me.

I’m reading a book that’s getting into the historical splits in the international trotskyist movement… jfc you get three trots in a room and you end up with nine groups. And all of them are anti-democratic cults.

The stuff about his mother is deeply sad, and shows the depths of opportunism and class guilt:

On his campaign website, Santos wrote that his mother was “the first female executive at a major financial institution” and that she worked in the South Tower of the World Trade Center and died “a few years later” after surviving the September 11, 2001 attacks.[92] On his mother’s 2003 visa application to return to the U.S. from Brazil, however, she stated that she had not been in the U.S. since 1999.[93] His mother’s actual occupation has been described as domestic worker[9] or home care nurse;[94] she described herself that way on her 2003 visa application.[95] Upon her death, a Brazilian community newspaper described her as a cook. Santos’s former roommates and friends said she spoke no English.[14] In July 2021, Santos wrote on Twitter that “9/11 claimed my mothers [sic] life”; in an October 2021 interview, he said his mother was “caught up in the ash cloud” during 9/11 but “never applied for relief” because the family could afford the medical bills; in December 2021, he wrote on Twitter that his mother had died five years earlier; in December 2022, he claimed that both of his parents survived being “down there” at the World Trade Center during 9/11.[96][97] A priest at the family’s Catholic church reported that Santos had told him the family could not afford a funeral when Santos’s mother died in 2016. The priest recalled that a collection at a memorial Mass raised a “significant” amount for the family, which he gave to Santos;[92] he also had a friend set up a GoFundMe.[98]

Seeing their responses and interactions with ppl outside this thread, its clear they’re being edgy and emotionally uncaring.

“Most of these people act like individualistic assholes who only care about themselves.”

Even that charitable interpretation of their comment is very offensive. The article is about people suffering from alienation from their friends and social circles during covid.

Whereas the article focuses on caring for this group of ppl, the commenter decided to victim-blame them and call ppl who are losing their friends, “assholes”.

I asked them to clarify, in order to see if they really do think capitalist alienation should be blamed on its victims, but they haven’t responded.

Also I think you’re coming from an empathetic position, I apologize if I’m not handling this well. I just want to make sure we aren’t allowing the “dirtbag left” / various other edgelords on here.

Where do you draw the line? Some gamer gets to say something transphobic, but its okay because they said they have autism?

We have a code of conduct, and there’s no excuse for breaking it. It makes marginalized ppl feel unwelcome.

Cause most of these people are individualistic assholes who only care about themselves.

They’re being an edgelord in multiple threads rn. Having autism is not a license to say harmful or reactionary things.

The article talks about how many people, young women especially, have lost touch with their close friends during covid, and are suffering from alienation. Why was your first reaction to call them assholes?

And yes hegemonic capitalist culture can produce and encourages ppl to be individualistic obviously, but its extremely insensitive to victim blame here, especially when it comes to mental well being.

Same here comrade, I long ago got tired of trying to convert my friends and family that have reactionary tendencies. We can spend hours and get somewhere small, but when they spend all their time consuming reactionary media, its like trying to stop a tidal wave by throwing pebbles at it. IE its very effectively reproducing a conservative ideology, and without removing that process, we get nowhere.

+1 on the hobbies too… all my hobbies have become things that I can do on my own, because most of my friends have no time to hang out, or live in other cities.

Capitalism encourages this isolation and alienation in a way that literally goes against human nature, because we need to socialize. Its really sad for all of us.

I don’t think you should blame people for the alienation imposed on them by capitalism. The US has almost no social support structures or places to meet friends outside of school or work. Even those that want to are unable because of long working hours and exhaustion.

Fuck, you linked Wikipedia, and a pro-US professor who seems to just write a bunch of anti china articles for the Western press.




China is not doing “debt trap diplomacy”, that’s the world bank and IMFs strategies.

Is China Imperialist?

Gonna need a source on that bullshit.

How is china “social imperialist?” Who are they imperializing?

Gonzalo is one of the top founders of your ideology.

Demographic decline in the US

For the first time in US history, there are more people living alone, than households with a child…


What the hell happened to cause this…