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Genocide? Bad

Resisting Genocide? Also Bad

Enjoy your ban.

I need to make a bot to post this any time fascism gets mentioned.

The western left’s use of the term fascism, is borderline white-supremacist at this point. Fascism was a form of colonialism that died by the 1940s, and is only allowed to be demonized in public discourse, because it was a form of colonialism directed also against white europeans. It was defeated, and Germany / Italy / Japan reverted to the more stable form of government for colonialism (practiced by the US, UK, France, the Netherlands, etc): bourgeois parliamentarism.

British, european, and now US colonizers were doing the exact same thing, and killing far more people for hundreds of years in the global south, yet you don’t hear ppl scared of their countries potentially “becoming british colonialists.” They haven’t changed, and their wealth is still propped up by surplus value theft from the super-exploitation of hundreds of millions of low-paid global south proletarians.

This is why you have new leftists terrified that the UK or US or europe “might turn fascist!!”, betraying that the atrocities propagated by those empires against the global south was and is completely acceptable.

I guess he wants to take the title of most racist and xenophobic liberal away from Maher.

Your current president literally raped a woman in 1993. Her name is Tara Reade.

Also, after winning the Nobel peace prize, Obama dropped an average of 30k bombs / year (80 per day) during his presidency, mostly on Muslim countries, 2, 3. In 2016 alone, dropped 26,171 bombs in the Middle East and North Africa, up 3000 from the previous year. The countries bombed include Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and Somalia.

This goes well with that video u posted a few days ago with Varoufakis talking about what dogshit leadership europe has rn.

There was an overwhelming support for the war on Iraq, especially in the media. I think only one or two US representatives voted against it, and maybe one British rep.

The twitter flag liberals are invading lemmy now. Why are they all like this…


It’s the level of pacifism any westerner gets on as soon as the oppressed fight back. These galaxy-brained “all sides bad!” posters would rather the oppressed just follow Gandhi’s advice and do their enemies job for them.

“Oh, so you support the warsaw uprising??? They’re terrorists!! What about all those innocent german families killed!”

So much colonizer seething this week.

I don’t see the distinction you’re trying to make between settler-colonialism and … what? The US is a settler-colonialist project, because it allows them to steal land, or control it via compradores, in their best material interest. Israel is no different, which is why western capitalists created and funded it: a colony run by and for white european millionaires in the ME.

because it doesn’t matter.

The US funding genocide of Palestinians doesn’t matter to you. Why would it?

I don’t believe you. No Maori would refuse the return of lands stolen by the br*tish.

If this were 1930s germany, you’d be saying the exact same thing colonizer.

That’s a proposed package, not yet in effect. Regardless, Israel is the US’s biggest receiver of military aid. Do you dispute this?

Native people’s were not completely wiped out, despite euroamerikkkan attempts. Their survival is resistance.

If you steal someone’s TV and give it to your kid, does that mean the person who it was stolen from shouldn’t get it back? Its the kid’s now???

How is Biden pulling out when he just announced a new 8B dollar military package to Israel to continue murdering the Palestinian people?

Why did Biden say: “If Israel didn’t exist, it would be necessary to create one to protect our interests in the Middle East.”


This section was great:

To attain these goals, they try to replace international law with a “rules-based order,” whatever that means. It is not clear what rules these are and who invented them. It is just rubbish, but they are trying to plant this idea in the minds of millions of people. “You must live according to the rules.” What rules?

And actually, if I may, our Western “colleagues,” especially those from the United States, don’t just arbitrarily set these rules, they teach others how to follow them, and how others should behave overall. All of this is done and expressed in a blatantly ill-mannered and pushy way. This is another manifestation of colonial mentality. All the time we hear, “you must,” “you are obligated,” “we are seriously warning you.”

Who are you to do that? What right do you have to warn others? This is just amazing. Maybe those who say all this should get rid of their arrogance and stop behaving in such a way towards the global community that perfectly knows its objectives and interests, and should drop this colonial-era thinking? I want to tell them sometimes: wake up, this era has long gone and will never return.