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Foucault be like: “age of consent laws are just like a prison.”

For context, he has a lot of pro pedophilia statements, and there’s a good chance he was one.

Thanks, I’m going down a rabbit hole with this channel rn. The gender reveal party one is wild.

Indiana Jones rule

Why did NATO bomb and murder civilians, and stir ethnic tensions in Yugoslavia to break it up?

In her team slack chat: “Sorry everyone I’ll be away for a few minutes, my brother is flatlining and I have to go get a nurse. Go team!”

There’s no way Lenin would be a dirtbag.

I imagine its probably like the desert libertarian wasteland in Mad Max.

You can also hide vote scores in your settings, pry a good idea for most of us who are bothered by it.

I like how in star trek the next generation, they play poker, but as enlightened communists without money, they still treat it as a serious game. ie the fact that there’s no real money involved doesn’t mean they play any differently.

I wonder how much money and time in total the yanks wasted in downing this thing.

Not sure, i’d like to see a source on that one for the stash.

A classic from brg:

This episode was surprisingly not bad for a prime time US TV show in the early 90s. (And the communist was unfortunately a trot). …


Agree. Lenin - State and Rev, and Lenin - Leftwing Communism: an infantile disorder, lay out clear step-by-step instructions, and pitfalls encountered along the way, guided by experience of revolution and civil war.

But as both Lenin and Mao said, winning the war is the easy part, constructing socialism with few models to go on is a lot more difficult.

AM Gittlitz - I want to believe. It’s about Posadism, but gets deep into the shitshow of Trotskyism in Latin America and Europe.

Bourgeois democracy really is a reality TV show political system.

The Vim to Vscode one really gets to me.

Demographic decline in the US

For the first time in US history, there are more people living alone, than households with a child…