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I can’t believe the USSR would do this. Why didn’t her family get the wall?

But you considered China bad 🤔

Methinks not

Don’t worry lol it’s an audio format and you pretty much read their politics right. I think I listened to it for a year before realizing Hussein and Riley were even different people lmao

I think one of them is a different ethnicity, I think his name’s Hussein. Also Alice is muslim but I think she converted so I have no idea.

But yeah they’re not as based as the deprogram or anything.

I find them very entertaining. I think they’re generally good and they haven’t jumped on the Ukraine band wagon as far as I know. Or at the very least they tend to avoid the topic. Milo is hilarious but has piss poor takes on current and historical socialist countries and similarly Alice occasionally has channy/memey quips about the USSR. Riley generally seems to steer away from this and acts reserved so I suspect either he thinks this memey USSR stuff is based on poor surface-lever analysis or he may be some type of communist but not want to directly contradict them. Or I wouldn’t be surprised if he is just trying balance an audience that ranges from radlib to communist since most often these topics are avoided, and it seems quite intentional.

Another podcast with a similar dynamic is QAnon Anonymous, though they are a bit more lib. Similarly, they seem to avoid, to a certain extent, topics that would pit communists and radlibs. Travis is a dyed in the wool lib, though he seems well meaning and has some vaguely anticapitalist sympathies; Jake plays the dumb funny guy; and I suspect Julian may secretly be a communist (or adjacent), possibly even keeping under the radar of the other hosts. I think they recently had on the two guys that do The Dollop and Dave Anthony similarly seems com/com-adjacent (though I don’t like the format of his show that much). Together they really brought out the anti-capitalist elements of some of the hosts.

As if people wear masks in restaurants anyway. These people have such a ludicrous persecution complex.

I bet a lot of the 34% are liars that felt ashamed when asked the question.

Democrats largely stopped wearing masks when Biden announced COVID was over or whatever bullshit.

Or, you know, we could build public bathrooms

And the marketing says you have to scan a qr code ad that you could use it to avoid smelly park bathrooms, whereas I have seen people shit on the sidewalk of a major street in a place that didn’t even have any “smelly park bathrooms”

Americans have so much disdain for poor and homeless people they can’t even design a port-a-potty without making it classist