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i mean if we only disagree on whether a hypothetical communists society in the future could actually abolish authority altogether, then whatever i welcome them they are still wrong but i dont mind. But generally anarchist on the anglosphere internet means radlib who buys into all the western propaganda about socialist countries but still want to be leftists and these types can fuck off, to somewhere where they can read a book.

i think this happened so long ago that i look at it as a story rather than history and his is a pretty cool story.

maybe dont lane split then it could be legal in your state but that doesnt make you any less of an asshole

yup got a really close uncle who fucking worships trump literally has him as his background on his phone and his a flat earther, those are some interesting conversations in family reunions. It extra sucks too cuz his had it really difficult finding a stable job and just having enough money to live and just doesn’t see that the right is against us you know one of those people who see themselves as a temporarily impoverished future billionaire.

dismissed no its far to dangerous for that but it can certainly be suppressed along side other right wing garbage like fascism

"the global south and the poorest people are significantly more likely to hold reactionary views like say about LGBTQ+ people for example, and they are the most prone to revolution.

it’s okay to be a biggot, and this is coming from a non biggot."

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what your arguing for is called tailism chasing behind the worst views of the working people in a shit attempt to appeal to them, this is patsoc talking points 101.

people especially the poorest people tend to be more religious because it is a form of escapism it isnt a coincidence quality of life and % of religious people are linked in opposing directions.

also it is NOT ok to be part of a cult that asks you to indoctrinate your children into it thats fucked and abusive and it is NOT ok to be part of a cult that tells you to hate others and all the most popular religions in the world fit that description so until the world gets some less garbage cults imma have to argue against imaginary friends and the opioid of the masses just on practical terms alone.

communism is a historical movement and idea which came out of the context of capitalism there where no communist before capitalism there couldn’t have been by definition.

you could argue that jesus was egalitarian that he spoke for the poor that he wanted a better world, but not that he was a communist.

this HAS to be parody, look at the other 2 sections they are ridiculous how can that not be parody. I really hope it is anyways.