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I live in the US and I just straight up tell people not to talk to me about foreign affairs.

I still see them saying HODL! and stuff. They won’t admit defeat until it’s all 0’s…which will be soon enough.

On a related note…I was on SSRIs for years and I’m convinced they don’t really work. They do have tons of real (very bad) side effects though.

I’ve heard that they do this with some of those customer service chat ‘bots’, too. They say they are autonomous but just use cheap labor.

Have you heard TheDeprogram? One American, one Slav, one Arab. All funny leftists

That’s not fair. The pig was scared for his life!!

Could you imagine living in a country where something so minor could turn into a death sentence 🤔

I got fed up even before he took over.

Even principled Marxists can be pretty annoying on there. Some just spend their time arguing with libs or judging other Marxists even.

Idunno, most of that stuff just seems like a huge waste of time to me now. One day I was like 10 replies deep on some bs and realized taking a damn nap would be a more productive use of my time.

The less time I spend on social media, the happier I am. Except for Lemmygrad of course.

The Red Scare never really went away in the USA.

Any positive portrayal of communism or even good deeds that communists and communist organizations have done is unacceptable.

Some notes:

  • Cat person solidarity 🐈‍⬛ 💪 …

Love the random downvote. It’s always some salty lib 😂

I’ve almost given up on it completely. I deleted my personal a while back. I made a burner account just to view tweets and even now, it’s still unbearable. It’s almost as bad as Reddit now.

This one made me lol for some reason 😂

Never disrespect a comrade’s cat.

Disclaimer: I’m aware this is very silly. I just don’t care 😎…