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now you can say the n word all you want on there. but I’m sure he’s gonna go after leftists by algorithm at least, time for users to hold him hostage via our participation on the platform

after his image I guess…-

How can you compare an individual person to some corporation or whatever canonical is

they might call you ubermench

the militarized police vehicle is there to teach brats students fear and obedience. very important for living in an civilized advanced democratic capitalist society.

Nice I’m on. Just paranoid. gpg makes it more difficult for some hacker to spoof a download. gpg also makes it more difficult to actually verify vs using md5 or sha hash.

They couldn’t make gpg any harder to use or figure out… f-droid is 4 months out of date and I need to verify the apk in termux manually.

No I lost weight when I started using arch. If anything it made me hate the computer a little.