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Perfect explanation whats going on in the brains of muricans. Everything is about race (but they are totally not racist). Also virtue signaling is the most important.

Ive never been there so no idea what its like. But personally I prefer smaller cities, where you can live closer to nature.

I would love to live in Russia.

Maybe they expect students to start a civil war and deploy IEDs? Seems like the only reasonable explanation.

Human lives are at risk from many causes. Do you know how many millions of people have to live in countries ravaged by war?

Im not the one acting as if covid is still a global pandemic. Again, in my country its over. So we here are in the purple section of the original image.

Its factually accurate in my country. Not everyone lives wherever you live.

So what, different countries are different? What a shock!

Why should anyone care about cases? What matters is that almost no one is dying from covid anymore.

Theres another pandemic?

I really wouldnt call this bland, mass-produced thing a bread.

I think for everyone it takes some time to get used to talking over the phone.

Its pretty easy to recognize who is a man or woman, even children can do it.

Talking over phone isnt bad, it can be much quicker and easier than texting. And phone calls are definitely a million times better than sending voice messages in an instant messenger (really hate those).

I wouldnt know. Good that ublock origin and newpipe exist.

There are ads on youtube???