“Have these gentlemen ever seen a revolution? A revolution is certainly the most authoritarian thing there is; it is the act whereby one part of the population imposes its will upon the other part by means of rifles, bayonets and cannon”

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my concern is that some of the more commonly used video types might have trouble on Linux, or that some of the word document templates I use in Windows might have compatibility issues.

As for the first point, never had issues with video reproduction on Linux myself.

As for the second: a year or so ago MS released it’s office suite on the web, so if libreoffice (free and open source office suite pre-installed in many Linux distros) has trouble reading your documents (proprietary formats like .docx that not always work on libreoffice) there’s always the web version of MS office.

Trick or treat is Turing complete


So, I’m looking to rent a VPS to host a site and stuff, there’s a reasonably priced provider in my country, the only thing is when I went to check the OS the machine runs I was expecting something like Ubuntu server, Debian or maybe some RHEL-compatible, what TF is cloud Linux? All that I could find…


The balls of naming a community “news” and removing stuff that isn’t of interest to a small fraction of the world population on an instance that should represent the whole world.

We are pretty happy with framework, tuxedo and system76 even if their products often cost loads of money and for sure aren’t perfect.

“damn they scammed me, it was just paper”

3 buisness seconds later:

“yo why is my cat a dragon?”

Co-op, you can shake your hand really hard while you poop to make that big poo come down. Cooperation wins

Ok Google, look up richest country PPP

IDK but it was my fault, I was a noob and was trying to run Ubuntu server from live usb with one (1) month of Linux experience, at least I experimented Idk, that’s the point I guess.

I got “invalid magic number” when trying to set up grub

I use Debian btw

This incident will be reported btw

But you can be in my suduoer’s file if you want… (Debian rizz) :-P

Where I live (ymmv) shipping is 50cent if you ship a looooot of stuff, vat is like 18 cents, that means they need to turn a profit on 32 cents, dividing 32 by 10 we obtain 3.2 cents a sticker, wow. (just bought them btw)

OC meme

the publication is “is s/he an informant” from the anarch*st library…