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Who was sitting left of you during the 20th CPC National Congress and needed to be dragged out because of health issues.

I wonder if people who think like you see the severity of this type of thinking.

The ban has been lifted here except for hospitals in which I did wear a mask.
The severity since omicron and vaccinations has gone down to flu-like levels.
Every grandparent and sibling in my family has gotten it in the last few months, even though I never have.
They told me it was a few days of flu.

Are you aware that vulnerable people have to become hermits or risk their life when going in public.

This includes the one step-grandfather who has lung and heart issues, so he was quite vulnerable.
And I was told he had a few days of flu.
I lived almost like a complete hermit for two years. I think that’s enough now.

This was what my home looked like since late January to December 2020.

When I was I stopped caring, I mean I’ve dropped the seriousness of it down from this level.

Do you understand the severity of cutting off this part of the population from public life? Do you understand the severity of potentially infecting a chronically ill person? They can die… and you’re okay?

I don’t live in the US where there’s no universal health care.
We (still) have a good health care system here.


Because the number of death has gone done in my nation by 90%, even though the curfew is gone and the masks are off.
Our hospitals are able to take care of most of the patients.
It’s now slightly more dangerous than the flu.

I know I’m personally affected by this problem. Does it have to be so personal to care about minimum protection?

No, I just calculate the risk and the risk simply has gone done to flu levels for my nation.
Other things still occur that also have risk, including health care issues, and those are getting priority.

What people aren’t taking seriously right now are the consequences of the Nord Stream pipe line being blown up and the gas/oil sanctions against Russia.
It’s going to lead into a cascading effect in the EU similar to the Arab Spring, with complete overturns of governments, coups and even civil war, with the difference being that unlike the Arab nations, the EU could have stopped the US, but jumped ahead in front US in order outdo it’s own collapse.

And a lot more people are going to die from this this year in Ukraine (due to the provoked war), and next year in the EU than COVID.

I still remember seeing mainlanders trying to flee to Hong Kong from COVID on the news. They must be feeling stupid ever since it became clear that the mainland is doing a better job at protecting its citizens.

I will pitch in as another caucasian that stopped caring since the Omicron variant. I went from every time to never in a span of 30 days.

I understand when other nations have different health care issues and would act as in Rome.

It’s incredibly obvious. It was spelled out by the US president himself, “Germany should cut off Nord Stream 2”. And all NATO countries complied.
Just like the US government literally screamed at the British intelligence agency that they should block anything related to Huawei. And all NATO countries complied.
Most Ukrainians are either NATO trained or getting NATO training right now.

It’s not a secret. It’s all out in the open.
And yet there are many many people around who want to shy away from this and point to somewhere else.

Wait…so that message sent to Biden wasn’t sarcastic?
You know the “I should have had this at age 31 at the latest, you lout.”

And i don’t think supercontainer ships will disappear any soon - they are the most costeffective method of sea transport

Not sure what you imagine is anytime soon, but sea transport competes with land transport.
World solar and wind power combined last year went on to become bigger than world nuclear power and both are on their way to eclipse nuclear individually this decade.
And that’s without taking in account of the fossil fuel crises that’s going on right now.

US Shale oil production is peaking or has peaked, which is already bad quality oil that’s expensive to refine and getting worse, and moving oil for electricity to gasoline use is coming to an end as hardly any oil produces electricity anymore.
There’s maybe two or three countries left that can still significantly increase oil production in the world and all three are more or less at constant war with the US if not occupied by it.

I will go against the grain and disagree here.

The efficiency comes from the advantage of boats, although that’s coming to an end.
Boats don’t need rail or roads and you can stack a lot of containers on them, more so than planes, trucks or it’s main transport competitor, trains.

What boats will have a hard time dealing with however these days, is the fact that they run on gasoline, which is becoming more expensive as cheap oil is running out, while solar power and wind power keeps growing and lowering in price.

Sure you can you put batteries on boats, but that’s going to add some extra weight and thus will no longer be capable of shipping the same amount of containers.

Since the max potential electricity production for even just wind exceeds that current fossil fuel production and earth solar by at least a hundred times, trains are making a comeback.

Two can play this game. Just burn down the homes of these rioter cops and anyone supporting them, then arrest them for being homeless the moment they’re walking near a school.

I know.
I was just pointing out that the US currently is using more and more capitalistic cope mechanisms.
Their lies are getting bigger by the day.

That’s old, from 2009.
And you heard the old man.
There is no recession (or depression), only transition.
So now it’s transition dating.

I gave a long answer to this in a new comment thread.

Shortest answer: Yes and no.

Answering @Oatsteak 's “Feels sexist somehow. Am I hYsTeRiCaL??? No but seriously, am I?” post,
why these choice are likely offered and which choice one should make and why.

The choice is between, by taking the least amount of assumptions, a single cat girl freshly created from a futuristic 3D bioprinter that is designed to be easily capable of finding the wisher’s person attractive, even if for just a brief moment, similar to this short music video story, while not needing extra housing or feeding, versus having Russian communists win the next national elections, and form a union with Belarus into the Soviet Union again.

Many lonely males might be tempted to take the cat girlfriend instead as she is like a great juicy steak for the sex-starved heterosexual male, but just like a lifetime supply of steaks in a time of sporadic food shortages, a cat girlfriend during a “severe” shortage of cat girlfriends (nyaa, uwu), is only a single lifetime’s relational capital for a single person on average,
whereas the reformation of the Soviet Union, seeing at how the collapse of the Soviet Union caused misery to hundred of millions of people, likely improves many of these lives as it can take example of China.
Therefore “The reformation of the great Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” is the correct choice, unless you’re sure it’s going to happen anyway.

As someone on the probably other end of the socialist spectrum on this particular issue, namely relationships and sex, I would accuse you of making a suggestion for a pro-sex-capitalist stance or a misandrist/sexist stance (Which anyone can make, I’m not going to hold this against you, I just want to use this as a stepping stone to my plea), in case the capitalist attitude is opportunistic and you start making a 180 degree when the shoe is on the other foot.
And I would say that it is against the communist “to each according to their needs” and socialist “to each according to their contribution” in terms of goods, capital and services when it comes to sex, to which I include free access (to relationship services, 3D printers, bioprinters, etc.) to and the distribution of relationships, including that of cat girlfriends made possible by an abundance of relationship-seeking cat girls.

All the while, I will assume that you are likely a heterosexual female, which means you currently own the means of reproduction by being in a not too visible but still significantly lesser in numbers to your heterosexual counterpart, males, until old age,
which is like partaking in a musical chair dance with other heterosexual females with one chair more than there are players, while the relational landscape for heterosexual men is a game of musical chairs in which the chair is owned by their counterpart group that can reject them at all times and have the option open for them of a relationship/sex “chair” at all times.
It makes me draw a parallel to women who parade with signs telling heterosexual men who has ownership over women’s bodies in terms of sex and painting anyone objecting to the current system as a rape apologists, with the Anglo-American petty bourgeoisie on youtube during the reign of Trump, who constantly were asking their audience to think about what store owners think and how store owners feel during left-wing protests and riots, especially the George Floyd one, and would call anyone objecting to the current system an apologist for thieves and looters.

It’s a kind of “easy for you to say” when you have the means of production or reproduction
and have the power to deny others from having it.

This parallel ends however at public use as reproduction is solely a service that has a two-way street of demand and supply, whereas production is most often associated with goods.

I would have called this principle of mine sexual communism,
that is to say that if the demand and supply do not meet,
then the pie on one end or the other should be made larger,
but unfortunately I have also visited incel community forums
because I thought I could perhaps find one that would not be fascist, misogynist and support my principle,
to which I have not found none,
but to my surprise I found one or two
that also advocated for a concept called “sexual communism”,
but of course, it was a concept that if I could
would rename it to sexual fascism,
as that would make it more clear for everyone,
including the incels there themselves,
especially with the general nazi vibe I got from that forum,
as their communism in sexual communism is about as accurate,
as national socialism is in socialism, or none at all.
Like I said, sex and relationships are a two-way street of demand and supply,
but according to the incel forum I visited,
sexual communism is “Seizing the means of reproduction”,
meaning mandatory supply of sex services when asked,
and of course only supplied by women.

So, in conclusion, I need a name for my principle
and it can’t be sexual communism unless someone can appropriate the term for me and turn the incel version to sexual fascism.

And Oatsteak, I would not call you hysterical,
considering some people’s opinions on this matter,
but I would say that people wanting a relationship
and escapism where relationships are being offered relationships for free,
are not bad things.
I would say escapism offers people to think better
about society and how they can change it.
Or at least think about what they want,
before jumping on every slight opportunity,
whenever a good/capital/service is in the wisher’s vicinity.

Also, I am of the opinion that there’s a shortage of marriageable (in age) women that I think needs to be addressed,
in terms of adding more of them, so society can function more perfectly.

No, the mother of one of the MNL48 members.

I have her trained to sing this:

Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to my daughter anyway.