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Motives do matter, but when the perpetrator literally said they would do it, then saying “I don’t see what their motive is” does not really refute that they did it.

The video is not out of date. Did he give some expiration date that I happened to miss? Did he take it back? I don’t see you citing any evidence of that.

It’s really weird to see people bending backwards to defend this.

I’m sorry but your analysis is very nonsensical. You’re analyzing motives. But the sabotage already happened. It is not a matter of speculation whether someone will gain from it or not. If you make an argument that they have nothing to gain, well I don’t know what to tell you. It happened, and they delivered on their promises exactly. I provide a link below:


They literally said they would do this lmao

Your logic doesn’t follow. The pipeline was in construction up until recently. Germany suspended it due to the war in Ukraine, but it was previously intending to use it, and it had stake in it. Moreover, Nord stream 1 was also in service before the war, and it was part of the sabotage.

Does this meme say it was? Or are you implying that because it wasn’t in operation yet that it has no benefit to Germany?


Admittedly, when I went looking, I didn’t find many. I noticed this problem months ago and only spoke now. Looks like it improved a lot.

It isn’t serious. This is the c/memes

Please reread my post, as I’m not against politics. I am very pro politics in memes.

Meta: the problem with this community is not political memes, but rather political content that isn't even memes

I hope that mods of this community limit these types of posts that aren’t memes. I’ve seen some posts that are merely political images and not memes. …


There should be a curated awesome list on github of android apps that aren’t unnecessarily resource intensive, so I could happily stop buying an even more powerful phone just because app makers want to use more resources.

I feel the opposite. I’m more okay with the headphone jack being gone because there’s a way around it. There’s no alternate way to insert an SD card.

In French, 80 is called Quarte Vingt, which transliterates to “four twenties”. 90 is called “Quatre Vingt Dix”, which transliterates to “four twenties ten”. And finally, 99 would be “Quatre Vingt Dix Neuf”, which transliterates to “four twenties ten nine”.

I don’t think Allah cares about man to man attraction, Orwell.

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  2. Even if we ignore this is a meme sub and suppose this is 100% serious, where the hell did you get “degeneracy” from this? Lmfao some of you people are truly crazy. Maybe all the porn and McDonald’s is doing this to you 😝