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“Political Memes” is extremely vague. To demonstrate, I opened the community, and this was the 3rd meme that came up. Imo this blurs the line or what counts as political. I’m sure you can find many others.

“Political Memes” is extremely vague. I opened the community, and this was the 3rd meme that came up. Just to show you that it doesn’t take much to find an example that really blurs the line of what would be a political meme and what isn’t.

Memes are quite similar to caricatures and cartoons of the printing age, except they have an even bigger role in our modern age. It is a more accessible way of spreading ideas, making arguments, or the like.

You of course will not be taking down a government with a meme alone, but the meme can be part of the first steps of spreading awareness and bringing societal problems to attention, preceding real change.

Do you mean it should work regardless of this tool? Or it works because of this tool?

I use foot for the most part, and alacritty when I use X. I’ll check if foot has it. Thanks!!

Does this work over ssh? For example, I’m in a ssh session, I can pipe something into a terminal program, and I can paste it with Ctrl + V on the host machine?

I’ve been interested in nix for a while. In fact, the use case I described probably fits nix better than gentoo. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

I don’t think Docker is comparable to bubble wrap. The latter is a lot more flexible. Docker is a pain with GUIs, and difficult to have a customizable way to “break” isolation when you need to, like having applications talk to each other or exchange files, etc.

I mean many US States or regions are not that much different. There’s homeless shelters, and the state helps you find a job.

Which country is this that has no homeless?

If I just use the flatpak as is, does it already provide filesystem isolation akin to a chroot? I dont need it to be incredibly secure, just some basic isolation is enough for me. I just want the installation to be easily reversible rather than having to track down installed files. Lutris installs a lot of stuff outside of the package manager, so I figured filesystem isolation would provide easy means of undoing everything it does

I agree with that commenter. I do not claim that “nothing happened”. I said this in my earlier comments, that I just don’t think it’s a problem worth my attention.

Forced labor is when labor is done involuntarily, under the threat of penalty. That would be what the working class is subjected to under capitalism. You must work for your capitalist overlords to give you enough for basic subsistence. Don’t work, face the repercussions of poverty, even though we already produce enough to feed you.

The USSR never fully achieved communism, even by its own admission. So they still operated under a capitalist mode of production with respect to the global economy. So people were also required to work, but there were many improvements. Worker conditions and rights we’re far better in the USSR. The USSR had the “right to work” policy, meaning as long as you are willing to work, you’re fine, even if it means sitting in an office doing little. The USSR also operated the means of production in a centralized manner towards bettering its society and reducing working hours.

You called it “directed labor”. Not sure what you mean by this, but you later called it “slavery”. I suppose you could call it wage slavery, as it still operated in surplus production, but it was an improvement on capitalism and towards achieving communism. People were working for their own interests and needs, not for capitalist profits.

My issue with this definition is how vague it is.

You first start by talking about marrying liberalism and minarchism. I assumed you meant that as an intro and less as a definition, but if you meant it as a definition, I would need to understand: what of liberalism and what of minarchy are you taking? Should I just take the Wikipedia definition and trust that you’ll follow it?

You then said maximizing rights and freedoms of the individual, and minimize the size of the state.

The reason I think that is vague: what size is small enough? Some see States in modern Western nations as small, not intervening as much in personal matters compared to the 3rd world, and they offer many freedoms in comparison. But some view them as too big. If you left that up to the reader to decide, then some will call the US small enough, at least in its internal politics.

And then which rights are necessary? Some view the right to religion important, while others view the right to not have to deal with religion to be core, like in France recently not allowing hijabs in school. Is the right to hate speech required? Is the right to be noisy to my neighbor required? Who even decides and enforces that?

I love how you ignored everything in the article except what could possibly agree with your viewpoint. On your first quote, the link they cite does not exist anymore. In the video you linked, I hear gunshots but don’t see people running away from them. As someone from a country that saw unrest and shooting at protests, I can tell you that people immediately start running when they’re shot at, emptying the area. Not continue to March nonchalantly.

In the end, I want to conclude with saying that I didn’t deny that anyone died (although the comment I linked does seem to imply that. My apologies for not clarifying, as I was only using them to back up my opinion). What I said in the original comment is that it is not an issue worth my attention. I’ve seen and read about so many government rerpression, and this is far from being in the top 10. It’s an unnecessarily magnified issue.

Plenty of evidence cited there from multiple sources. You don’t have to open it, but the evidence is there shall you question it.

Plenty of sources provided in there (ny times, reuters, etc), but if you were the kind to examine evidence, you wouldn’t be here anyways.

Projects that are experimental or daringly innovating the terminal and command line world?

What projects are out there seeking to innovate in the terminal and command line space, and improve or revolutionize the terminal environment? …


Scriptable configuration (with programming language) vs data / text configuration: what are the benefits?

Most applications provide you configuration files that are data / text based. Whether it is toml, JSON, yaml or some other format, you are usually defining values for pre-determined keys and that’s all. …


(Neo)Vim alternatives: Kakoune is great! I am surprised that Helix is more popular

So apparently there are two editors inspired by vim, but built from the ground up (as opposed to neovim, a vim fork that seeks to improve on top of vim). …


Alpine Linux (in lightweightness), but glibc?

Yes, I know so much of Alpine’s lightweightness comes from not using glibc. …


EFISTUB: If I have both CMDLINE configured in kernel, AND via efibootmgr, which one gets executed / takes precedence?

suppose I enable CONFIG_CMDLINE_BOOL=y and CONFIG_CMDLINE="...", but I also add a cmdline using efibootmgr via -u option, which one takes precedence and gets executed? …


Opinion: Distributions that only change non-system pre-installed software or desktop environment should instead be packages or scripts

The majority of Linux distributions out there seem to be over-engineering their method of distribution. They are not giving us a new distribution of Linux. They are giving us an existing distribution of Linux, but with a different distribution of non-system software (like a different desktop environ…


Has anyone had success cross compiling from x86_64 glibc to aarch64 musl?

I have been having some trouble doing this and was wondering if it is a common theme or there is room to make it better.
Sometimes packages wont compile at all and thats fine. But recently I cross compiled some system packages and it bricked my system and was no longer able to ssh into it. I am no…


Which bittorrent client has the best command-line interface?

want to run a bittorrent client on a headless server. The server is a raspberry pi so it is limited a bit limited on resources. …


Which Tiling Window Managers do you like, and why?

feel free to list other window managers you’ve used. …


Is it a good idea to run windows in VM with gpu passthrough (nvidia RTX) for certain games, instead of dual booting?

I’ve been dual booting Linux and windows for about two years now, but in those two years, I have never booted into windows, except by mistake. …


I often read that (docker) containers are not good for security. What are secure methods of creating secure isolated environments to run questionable programs in?

I’ve read that standard containers are optimized for developer productivity and not security, which makes sense. …


Any interesting approaches to package management (Linux or not)? besides Portage and Nix.

Gentoo’s Portage and NixOS’ Nix are both interesting takes on package management. Both are powerful and open up a ton of flexbility to the user, but still do a lot of work for you. …