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There’s a reason democrats are known as liberals. They support capitalism in large part, and that comes with some nice bribes, err i mean lobbying

Yeah. There’s variants of this from capitalist parents who do the first part, then follow up with some shit like “then I take half their allowance for taxes, that’s communism baby!”

It’s crazy when you talk to conservative Christians and they’re like charity should do all the helping. Why the middle man? Let’s just help them regardless

The brain drain from non-Western nations is tragically real. Intelligent people will see more rewards in capitalist nations and relocate there to help themselves and their families. If capitalism didn’t produce such big inequality people would have less incentive to move there. Ideally we’d have intelligent people spread through the world and throughout many industries, but some jobs are rewarded better than others

I was thinking population, and therefore users of the OS. I feel like a lot of western companies are already bending over to tap into the Chinese markets, so if they had to support Linux to do that for software, maybe they would.

Yes! Having the worlds largest country run on Linux would do wonders for its adoption. If all the western business partners just stopped accepting windows files and started distributing Linux packages, it would accelerate adoption elsewhere.

Based. Wage theft (literally withholding wages from workers) is way a way larger source of theft than any petty theft or time theft. And that’s the wages capitalists have promised them, not the wages they deserve through the labor theory of value.

Guys if we just solve uhhh, the housing crisis! Then capitalism will work perfectly. Oh wait climate change

Or like the first colony on the moon. Damn shame the soviets never made it to the moon.

Only two layers of sanitizers? Gosh might as well just put your social security number out there

I feel like many liberals get the logic of homelessness not being individual choices, but they have to have the cognitive dissonance to blame them so they can feel better

You have an off by one bug, the format of the commands says “0-9/0-9/0-9” but your columns and rows are labelled 1-9, you either need to zero index your board or 1 index the commands you give.

I feel like most regulatory bodies in the US have a massive lack of knowledge of modern industry practices. Or are willing complicit in the anti-consumer practices

If they’re calling it a physical copy it should be a physical copy of the game data. Having a case to hold a code is a ridiculous slap in the face. And a waste of plastic

I had zero hope this would get blocked. Still not totally sure but the FTC is definitely putting up a solid fight. I’d prefer the consoles be fighting to prove they are the better hardware and software experience, not that they can buy the most studios

They’re either masochists or just aggressively malicious

If the U$ can’t make as much money as physically possible, they’re just gonna start killing poor people. No other option clearly

Not sure this is the best meme, good post in general tho