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i don’t know if i don’t prefer oldschool ugly and unpronounceable project name instead of this otaku/japan/anime trend in FOSS.

Having hair is about manliness ?
Baldness is caused by testosterone.


But he does not pretend to be someone/something else…

not a critique, I agree with you.

My comment is a kind of digression on the same topic: social dumping.

And to follow you. I have seen on TV here how they were shaming the unemployed by using the freshly arrived ukrainian refugee already working (ok in a kind of modern sweatshop but still… :) ). or how ukranian teenagers had better score in math.

And with the burning inflation, it’s quite interesting to relate to.

it does exist here too.

but Reddit heavy on automated ban or “clean policy”. I have seen some post of mine banned because of using the word M$ for Microsoft.

Why do you think they allow flood of ukranian “refugees” to get direct access to the UE work market and bypassing the asylum process and or work-visa?

“yes but just until the war ends”

  1. They won’t be in hurry to go back to some weakened zone.
  2. UE government discussed already to allow refugees to request visa.

Here, for NL, it is indeed social dumping shit but “at least”, it is for european citizen. So NL can’t do anything too fishy. UE regulation.

That’s a proxy war. We, UE, are fucked up.
Individualism, nationalism-shaming… what do you want to build with this.

or… you could just purchase an AMD GPU and support companies which play the game of FOSS.

CUDA? Use the standard OpenCL.

CUDA vs OpenCL https://arxiv.org/vc/arxiv/papers/1005/1005.2581v1.pdf

CUDA being ruffly 1.5x faster, I don’t take the dev UX in account and anyway not enough to justify the closed source driver and the recurring breaks after each system updates.

You don’t know what integration means, I think.

I still have to see macbook pro users with a linux running on it and this, even from FOSS dev. of course there are few of them on 2012 macbook.

here a 16 mbp intel one. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/best-linux-for-16-mbp-apple-csam-scandal.2306973/

when we see the level of opensource Mali driver (aka Lima) after all these year, meaning nowhere, i don’t get the excitement over another confidential and all locked down platform.

I am not against Apple products, but they are only good with Apple software. that’s what you pay for, the seamless integration.

Insulting. This is your interpretation and it’s totally fucked-up.

Let settle the discussion (and insult you as you do but let’s be straight): Go f- yourself*


you are so stupid woke.

I’ll probably be more courageous than you if I see a woman being harassed by someone.

Hope this guy is not an attorney. Such a poor and rushed defense for a battle that no one asked for. :).

and do not forget all the fictions, TV show pushing for the idea.

imagine if half of these productions went in the opposite side…

No, at this stage, it means we can’t discuss anymore, you decided I was a troll where I put nuance, you put 2.0 meetoo stamp.

Let me show you another stupid statement from your fellow here about “sex misconduct” as a catch-all.

“War is bad!” “Putin is a monster because he invaded Ukraine.”

or maybe… There’s a bit more about it?

I think you all play the stupid Karen here. Back or White, 0 or 1.

Looks lake this site is pretty basic lefty in the american way.