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At the same time they try to reduce every enemy as a clone of hitler while whitewashing actual nazi rhetoric.

GDF video about “sure, hamas = nazis” is really good. The entire anti-hamas campaign is built on nazi propaganda tactics.

It boils down to loneliness, people want to feel part of a community and streamers provide that very easily. It tells a lot about our current state of society when you think about it.

What is even worse is that her parasocial simps are still gonna support her lol, streamers entire wealth comes from being crowdfunded by their public, if the public actually got mad bc of her attitude they could strip all their income and make her a broke girl.

Lmao that was dramatic af 😂

I think it boils down to cognitive dissonance, these people can grasp that the state is a tool used by the ruling class to oppress the working class, that their material conditions have been in decay, that the empire is reaching its end.

But this directly contradicts their internalized american excepcionalism, they are caught in this struggle and they simply do not have the tools+energy to resolve it and continue developing their views. Add in internalized racism+anti-communism and you end up with these freaks.

moving floating windows is caveman stuff really

you can always use a login manager to manage different WM sessions. When i get bored of sway i switch to hyprland, i use different bars for each one too. Its bloat but its fun.

Imagine every communist leader hitherto sitting in a round table discussing their experiences building socialism. Deng discussing the NEP/opening reform with Lenin while Hoxha seethes denouncing them as revisionists while Stalin and castro laugh with a cuban cigar on their mouth.

Funnily enough, this has been succesfully framed as a bad thing by media.

Not to mention that the people in the global south starve because their food production literally goes to the west. What a fucking moron.

Not to mention all the fascist militaries supported by the US that regularly engaged on mass murders of “communists”. Indonesia, brazil, chile, south korea, south vietnam, etc… Ultimately they dont care, they just want to discredit communism by whatever means possible.

People that want to participate in politics can join the CPC, in fact it has more than 100m official members. Also inside the CPC there are several factions with differents views, so no its not a monolithic entity.

Aint you confusing it with South korea? 😂

And that is a problem to whom? Every single state is authoritarian, the question is whose interests are they protecting.

China is clearly a dictatorship of the proletariat and they use authority to protect the interests of the proletariat. Yes, sometimes their policy is wrong and does harm but ultimately they work to improve their policies, governing is a learning experience after all.

Not to mention NK is economically blockaded and has to endure yearly military provocations by the largest military in the world. No wonder why they take draconian measures.

The enlightened centrists never fail to amuse us. 😂

This is not “one or the another” situation, communism is the next qualitative stage in development of society. It solves the primary contradiction that we experience in capitalism, that is socialized production being privatized by individuals, aka capitalists.

You can’t just declare communism by signing a document, because it is a process of development in which small quantitative changes in production (socialism) lead to a qualitative change (communism), thus to achieve the communism stage you have to achieve a certain level of development.

This is why China is considered a communist country by marxists-leninist even though qualitatively it is a capitalist country. They are actively working to develop communism, this can be clearly seen throughout their rhetoric (i.e. “The Governance of China”) and their material results.