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Bro literally makes a straw man in the first paragraph LOL. Yea i stopped reading after that.

You’re onto something here, playing with the mark fisher quote, cars are so important for our current paradigm of society that it is easier to imagine the end of capitalism than the end of cars.

The solution proposed by our genius billionaires is to replace fossil fuel cars with electric cars lol.

I come from a wealthy family that had thousands of hectares of land, all of them support PAN ( extremely conservative party in mexico, its about 1 more lost election to become far right lol ). Funnily enough my grandpa and uncles/dad were so incompetent that they lost mostly all of the land, yet they blame the communist government from stealing their land ( no joke ).

They prob did build a lot of infrastructure with that other than just stadiums tbf.

The whole business aspect of it is really cancerous. Players being demonized the moment they want to get paid their value, Being a good fan means swearing blindly loyalty your entire life to a team that only wants to make profit off you, and sometimes those teams are literally run by incompetents for decades and you have to deal with the team losing. Like starting to like a team that is well run, that invests in infrastructure, players and staff and thus wins a lot is being a fake fan lol.

Yeah lol i also love my KZ ZSN PRO X but wireless small headphones have their uses too.

My fake airpods from aliexpress that function exactly the same costed me 20 bucks lmao.

people go to concerts and die from crowd collapses, like thats insane and it happens very often.

Also if you fail to pay your mortgage you’re fucked, the bank keeps the house and in some fucked up cases (like during the spain financial crisis iirc) you also keep the debt.