Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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This is what a pyramid scam is all about. Throughout history, for as long as capitalism has existed, every crisis ended either with a war or not, but in any case the rich have become richer with this one. As with any Ponzi scheme, the drivers of this system collapsing disappear with the bucks, leaving the bankrupt losers who believed in the system behind.

It’s so that certain people have time to count their winnings, crisis exists only for normal people.

It seems that in the end he won

It’s latin arabic looking text, maybe this way you see it

Yes, this gentleman seemed somewhat angry

Google translate is a calamity translating from Spanish, I’ll correct it, thanks.

I remember this story:

Detailed and unmissable instructions to carry out such a delicate and complex task, in 15 steps.

  1. Pick up the cat and cradle it with your left arm as if it were holding a baby. Position the index finger and thumb of your left hand to apply gentle pressure to the cat’s cheeks while holding the pill with your right. When the cat opens its mouth, drop the pill inside. Allow him to close his mouth in order for him to swallow the pill.

  2. Pick up the pill from the floor and the cat from behind the sofa. Cradle the cat again and repeat the process.

  3. Bring the cat out of the bedroom and throw the slobbering pill in the trash.

  4. Take a new pill from the box, cradle the cat, now in the cat’s right arm, keeping the hind legs firmly grasped with your left hand. Pry his jaws open and push the pill into his mouth with your thumb. Keep the cat’s mouth closed for a count of ten.

  5. Get the pill out of the fishbowl and the cat off the cabinet. Call your wife.

  6. Kneel on the floor with the jack held firmly between your knees. Keep the hind and front legs still. Ignore the growls the cat makes. Ask your wife to hold the pussycat’s head with one hand while she pokes his mouth open with a wooden ruler. Drop the pill in and vigorously rub the cat’s throat.

  7. Remove the cat from the curtain roll holder. Bring another pill from the box. Remember to buy a new ruler and repair the curtains. Carefully sweep up pieces of porcelain figurines for later gluing.

  8. Wrap the cat in a large towel and ask your wife to hold him flat, with only his head visible. Put the pill in a straw gas. Open the cat’s mouth with a pencil. Put one end of the straw in the cat’s mouth and the other in yours, blow.

  9. Check the package insert to make sure the pill is not harmful to humans. Drink a glass of water to restore your sense of taste. Apply bandages to your wife’s arms and clean the blood from the carpet with cold, soapy water.

  10. Bring the cat from the neighbor’s roof. Take another pill. Put the cat in the closet and close the door on the cat’s neck, leaving only the head out of the closet. Pry the mouth open with a dessert spoon. Drop the pill inside with a rubber band.

  11. Go to the garage for a screwdriver to put the cabinet door back on its hinges. Apply cold compresses to your cheeks and check when the last tetanus was applied. I put the shirt I was wearing in the washing machine and took a clean one from the bedroom.

  12. Call the fire department to get the cat down from the tree across the street. Apologize to your neighbor who crashed into his fence trying to escape from the angry cat. Take the last pill in the box.

  13. Tie the cat’s front legs to the hind legs with a string. Tie it securely to the kitchen table leg. Look for heavy duty gloves. Hold the cat’s mouth open with a small crowbar. Put the pill in its mouth followed by a big piece of meat. Keep the head upright and pour a pint of water down the cat’s throat so that it swallows the pill.

  14. Have your wife, if she can drive, take you to the ER. Sit quietly while the doctor bandages your fingers and forehead, and while the pill is removed from your eye. On the way back, stop at the furniture store to buy a new table for his kitchen.

  15. Make an arrangement with an architectural firm to redecorate the house and call the vet to find out if he has any hamsters, or the like, to sell you.

No problem: pulverize the pill and put it on the cat’s hair.

In reality, the question is a cultural contraposition of androgynous terms with respect to the juxtaposition of the global casuistry orientation. Perhaps it would be necessary to consider exogenous parameters with respect to Socratic philosophy, at least with respect to the genesis of this question from a position of initiation of ancient thought.

I do not want to finish my contribution to your interesting contribution without recommending the book: “The sidereal feeling of past constellations”, there it delves into the quantum philosophy applied to the singularity of the Spanish chickpea, it may be of interest to you.

Well, the VLC also have nice skins. Currently on my Desktop with this one

This is the point, depending on the type of society, ideologies must be adapted, turning them into dogmas leads to failure by definition, this is the mistake of many parties on the left, eternally debating secondary aspects and forgetting what people really need, what should be the center of their commitment, not complying to the last comma what their corresponding ideology dictates. While the right does not have this problem, since for them the people themselves are secondary and the interests of large corporations are always identical. Today more than ever a great alliance of the left is necessary, leaving its debates internally to find compromises instead of confrontations.

This is why right wings always win, for them, a briefcase of money is enough to reach an agreement.

The noises that are heard when I get up do not necessarily come from the chair 😟

I’m from THIS generation

Not to forget to use the organic waste container afterwards

The theft of suitcases is a problem since suitcases exist

It is not true at all, it was the result of a discussion with Einstein about the Copenhagen interpretation, not of the superposition itself.


Only the one who walks with a soft step, calculating his step with his mind, during life, he will take everything from fate, putting her on her knees!..