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Oh gosh, that’s just my default state of being at this point.

I think it’s fun that all the “cool” lib brands are the ones getting called out. Really breaks the sanitized perception of them. Now we gotta get the dirty jobs too, because they always try to stay unknown.

Well yeah, but lib culture has all these “stop picking on my favorite bourgeoisie 😭” stans and they need to see the divide in class interests with their own eyeballs, apparently.

Fuckin 13th ammendment exception never went away. We still got chaingangs in the cyberpunk era.

Queer people killing god like Jrpg protagonists

I think it referred to sweaty basement nerds? It’s how most libs conceive their opponents online.

CW: Violence

Literally just remembered at the start of summer there were a few incidents where people were shooting into drivethru windows. Stay safe out there, service workers.

Welcome to the revolutionary vanguard. Please report in to your local soviet office for cat ears and uniform fitting.

4chan: maybe we should improve society somewhat

Also 4chan: the only way to improve society is to do MORE racialized and gendered violence to own the coastal elites. In this manifesto…

Found a neat looking game that’s still in development. It’s like a cross between Banjo-Kazooie, Pokemon, and maybe Doom? The mishmash is really unique. And the dev is trans!..