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Regarding the mortgage, the movement, and the instability of its value I do agree that renting will help you with that. But renting will always cost more than having a house(no mortgage) and paying bills, repairs, maintenance, and anything else. This is due to the landlord having to make you pay more than he has to spend to make it profitable. In practically, if someone is a landlord as their only/main source of income (were talking big firms or rich individuals here not people on retirement or anything) they are spending the tenants money for all repairs maintenance and anything else whilst pocketing the surplus/profit.

Of course, in our current capitalist system buying a house straight up is nigh impossible but most people prefer owning a house and will only say they prefer renting because they don’t have the income to own a house straight up because of the initial cost, even if it’s cheaper long term. Like anything in capitalism, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Aren’t these for climbing at high altitudes where the air is too thin to breathe