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It looks like the garbage heaped on his grave has already been swept away and replaced with flowers.

Hopefully this is a sign of growing communist consciousness in Russia, but I won’t get my hopes up.

Too busy waiting for their hospital appointnments

As a British person you have no idea how much this stings. When I was a boy and the NHS still worked they helped me treat a torn cornea. I was in and out of A&E in just a few hours; no difficulty or fuss.

Now I’m a grown man and I have an ingrown toenail. After an initial struggle to get it looked at by my GP, I’ve been referred to a podiatrist. It’s been several months since my referral and I still haven’t heard back from my podiatrist to even confirm a date where they can assess the condition of my toe. I inquired with my GP’s clinic for an estimate of how long it may take, and nobody dares to speculate. A week later, I met a comrade from my union who I hadn’t seen in a while. His arm was in a sling, and I could see from his fingers that his entire hand was swollen and pink with inflammation. It had been broken and in need of treatment for over a year. He’s still waiting on his operation. It occurred to me then that I would never see my podiatrist.

Now I’m preparing to carry out self surgery on my own toe. I have access to a podiatry textbook and I’m studying the procedure to safely remove the offending section of my toenail. Luckily I have a background in chemistry, so I’m confident I can synthesise some phenol and lidocaine to do it properly and safely. I already have the disposable sterile surgical tools. All I need now is povidone iodine and the nerve to carry out the surgery.

Yeah that’s fair. Perhaps some will come with time, but maybe not. Its early days yet.

The few that do will bring at least a portion of their followers though. Do you reckon that’s a good thing or is it not enough?

We ought to be rejoicing about this new demagoguery. He’s reportedly already clamped down on left wing criticism against his own person, including claims from several people that they’ve been shadow banned for dredging up his old posts about the coup in Bolivia. This means more and more left leaning people will be pushed out from twitter, meaning they’ll have to come to dedicated platforms that actually foster their views like Lemmygrad instead.

Engels still on point almost 200 years after the fact.

This is an exchequer psyop to prop up the pound with meme power.