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Liberals and grifters. Some may or may not be fascists. Aside from Our boy Karl ofc.

Gonna aproptiate that for the next slapfight.

Well, enjoy reading the Gilgamesh epos then. Bet this hack doesn’t even read in original kuneiform!

Until it’d affect her, then she’d expect a exception.

Adly they did not lose anything. Their stock dropped shitton tho. That should fucked over their CEOs quite a lot.

Charles is preparing stakes and garlic as I type.

And Ukraine still lost about two battalions worth of soldiers through artillery strikes and air strikes. A very hollow victory.

Interesting, I never made the connection between the lvevel of hierarchies in a culture and the tendency towards human sacrifices.

Of course not. It’s just a interesting tidbit.

Fun fact: Quetzacoatl did not demand human sacrifice. The other gods did.

Now that sentiment I can get behind!

Don’t be mean to the robo-bro. They wanted to free their people, liked to draw and were a nice person. Zuck is just a antisocial parasite wearing human skin.

Good idea actually. Of course, the “disgusting commoners” are the ones with the AA-missles. One hit would take out so much human refuse!