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Azov is still a thing. As are Aidar, Tornado, Hurricane and many others. And nazis basically control the Ukr. government. Lots of open banderites in the government. And those Red/black flags you always see on pictures from ukraine? OUN flags, a fascist organization that worked with the Nazis and participated in the Holocaust.

What else can a bug do when witnessing the likeness of a titan?

What zero political understanding does to mf’er. Russia only reoriented towards China after its attempts joining the west were brutally rebuffed.

That is certainly a take. Not one adressing reality, but a take.

They’re not even communist? They are state capitalists and more right wing and authoritarian than the US republican party (other than on green energy)?

Wrong and you do not even know what these terms mean.

since he’s South African but now living on America soil and seems to ignore everything wrong with it.

The dude is a gigantic racist. To him the systemic racism of the USA is a feature he loves, not a bug.

Towards whom? To their indian subjects? They were worse than the nazis. To the USSR after finally siding with them? To the USSR when they were planning to bomb Baku and send troops to Finland? To Czechslovakia when they sold them out to germany and poland? To the USSR when they deliberately stalled the creation of what would become the allies and instead helped Germany?

Unironically, usually they never correct their false statements.

When you totally know what you’re talking about.

who don’t even claim to have reached socialism yet.

This is wrong. They correctly call their states in the socialist phase of development. So they have, accoding to themselves, reached the socialist stage and thus socialism. Please stop talking about value form when you do not even know the difference between the socialist stage and the communist stage.

Yes, enter serious talks to end the war. They can’t do anything but dying at this point.