Read Half-Earth Socialism and it’s critique which I was recently made aware of.

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I’m leaving til next year btw. See y’all…


Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but it still is definitely condemning Hamas. Our support is always critical, but Hamas definitely deserves our support.

I understand that. I said they got co-opted, not that they were always bad. The implication of the comment you were agreeing with is the Hamas is trash and we should support the Palestinian Authority is the most legitimate force for Palestine.

I’m for secular resistance but my understanding is that the Fatah party largely got co-opted by “Israel.” The Palestinian Authority has largely played a reactionary role in the recent flare up, for example in confiscating people’s guns so they don’t join the fighting.



It would definitely be better if the liberation fighters we secular leftists, and Israel knew what it was doing when it tried to stop that. However, what the fuck do you mean “they are collaborators in genocide?” Hamas is the main force fighting against genocide with a united front front with secular forces like the PFLP.

“No child soldiers?! Who else are we supposed to fight the baddies with?”

I think some places like sling and adultswim have it for free. However, I support.

Deep prolewiki/Lemmygrad lore.

TLDR: some Hoxhist who spent a lot of time trying to bother us.

If only it was martyrdom instead of eugenics.

Ah, class based genocide. Do the imperial core countries think they can become purely bourgeois and continue to live off the blood of the periphery? It’s not gonna go well when they finally cut ties with empire.

What if the whole war was actually about who was the legitimate “Vladimir?” Textbooks in 2060 like “the context was long and boring so we’ll shorten it to this: the Vladimirs faced off.”

Notice they spelled the name wrong too, it’s a joke.

Use this: https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ https://www.behindthename.com/random/random.php?gender=both&number=2&sets=1&surname=&all=yes

Now, seriously, should we be doing this? What if there is way more and the guardian gets to say later “turnout much lower than expected.” On the other hand, maybe there will be fewer people that fill it out than actually go and anticipation will be higher. Also, they could run a story about fake pumping up of the numbers. I’m not really opposed to it, I just wonder if the consequences would be positive or negative.

Yes, because no mention of ultras

Four of those are mislabeled, I’m the actual leftist.

Lol. It would make sense for the term to be more mainstream in the UK considering it’s from there. Basically, they are trying to associate Corbyn with people like us who would have supported the Soviet intervention, which is a stretch.

Idk, it happened after Stalin’s death. How long have you known about it? (“My whole life”)

Outdated meme challenge…


Made this today, took a bit of work…


The bottom part is supposed to say “both do.” I used google translate so it may not be accurate…


[A reactionary would say. Stop downvoting.]…