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And even when they are not nice, they are actually immensely helpful, acting so that US-funded coup can’t destroy your life.

IB: “We’re gonna kill Hitler”

Me, watching the movie: “No chance, not in American movie”

IB: kills Hitler


They don’t know what bourgeoisie means, they just think “have power = burgie”, “not working in factory = burgie”, and don’t even think to discuss class position of inteligentsia with them.

either lied about being communist

Which ones do you mean?

r/latestagecapitalism in a nutshell

Hell yeah best balm there is. I would love to have can so big from which the pictured lid came.

Unfortunately in the time since Stalin wrote that a lot of reefs and shallows were sailed upon.

Old Expanded Universe is quite often openly on this, everyone being like that liberal, especially about New Republic era jedi. But since SW books are never political thrillers and always action novels, there is ultimately always a lot of violence resolving the situation. Then the jedi gets bashed for that, Luke promise to hold them on a tighter leash next time, but then everything repeats in next book.

Yeah, if you mean here. I seen the ones displaying reddit behaviour getting hammer pretty quickly in the modlog.

No, there’s still tons of attacks on lemmygrad and 50 times more on hexbear out there. I would say it’s increasing, it’s massively spilling on lemmy main instance. I won’t even want to know what is happening on their instances since they actually even brag about forming hate circlejerks when hexbear don’t see and wont spam them with PPB.

This is exactly what you get when you mix fascism with religion. Catofash in Poland are exactly the same. Usians, either evangelicals or civil religion worshippers too.

“Russia buying Turkey from Poland” sounded quite weird for my sleep deprived mind.

Effects of Ukraine war on breakfasts in USA is negligible considering US barely even imported anything from there, and both other factors could be mitigated by idk, maybe a food subsidies? Aren’t USA subsidize its food industry very heavily? They should at least have some decency to forbid scalping on it, but it’s USA we are talking about.

That bookstore at the beginning got me almost to tears ngl, not only it’s the best damn looking bookstore i ever seen but i bet it isn’t filled to the brim with anticommunist rot unlike every single one in Poland.

Also, how are the book prices in China? In Poland they literally went 50-100% up over last year, and they weren’t cheap to begin with.

And yet they still somehow degenerated very sharply since then.

Idk if giant statue of Guan Yu is good example for communism, but it sure is spectacular.

EDIT: it is apparently also illegally constructed, its weight damages the land and it was criticized and ordered to be moved by the ministry of housing and development.

… it’s revolution! …