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I am saying, you don’t have a right to another man’s property even if you are starving. Private entities have no responsibility to distribute food material to you and you are not entitled to it. However, I am ok with government helping people who are homeless, I am ok and indeed support food kitchens.

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And communism is bad for yours.

Or maybe, maybe, OP might be a cuban who has seen socialism way too close

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The entitlement in this post.

It’s not funny because it’s not true. We can think different and we can speak different. We still have the freedom to do that, it’s not taken from us, yet.



Not right wing. Both y’all are seriously fucked

Idk in BLM riots when they set the country on fire and burned Businesses?

Damn whats grandpa dng her?

The word you are looking for is RIOT (where innocent get slaughtered).

hey guys, is there a bot to find duplicates on Memes?

The only reason the English invaded India was because their food sucked.

Learn to take a joke people, we dont have many showers in this part of thr world. We fill our buckets with hot water and bathe with it. I do it everyday. If you are Not shit rich, chances are you dont shower but take a bath like this, this meme cracker me up. Learn to take a joke you unfunny PC people.

Maybe Allah is busy doing some Others important Things. Like idk, making Sure No man one sins and gets attracted to Other men. Something along those lines?

I would strongly suggest you to try MX-Linux. I too was in a similar situation as yours 9 months ago and now I use MX xfce and I haven’t encountered one bug like I used to do on Ubuntu based distros