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Good links. Ahh… It will require time for me to go through them, but I will go through them and out of respect for the comment, I have edited the post.



Damn! I just discovered Pixelfed, it’s amazing! I came to know about it thanks to your comment!

I didn’t post a shit meme. Maybe a socialist/communist like you would think so. If I want to go on an infinite diet or want to go indefinite camping, I will call you. Until I change my mind about work camps and famine, I don’t think I have any use for you. Maybe If I had posted praising Stalin the dictator, you would have been happier.

I am not arguing. It’s just a meme. Also, when a random person sends a document on a social media, my default reaction isn’t to read it. Look at yourself tho, you are not ready to put in the effort required to make your point. You are not ready to write a paragraph describing your point or how you disagree with me. Why should I be ready to read a whole document from 90s for you? If you had written some 3 sentences and told me, “if you don’t believe this, read this report from the CIA” that would have been something.

You have not put in the effort required in good faith to change one’s mind, instead you took one min of your life to search for the document which you know existed. You don’t get to talk to me about arguing in bad faith(also, I was not arguing).

I can read a book. But not some boring CIA document which has been scanned.

bro! 23 pages? make your point

damn! new notification system in lemmy ig! it’s damn good.

I mean, it’s fast, as soon as I clicked on your reply, within a milli second I was here! this was better than reddit

ahh… it’s funny because it’s true. not cringe.

he is motivating me to lose weight

her: awaken the tiger inside of you …


it turns out killing old people is very productive

I am saying, you don’t have a right to another man’s property even if you are starving. Private entities have no responsibility to distribute food material to you and you are not entitled to it. However, I am ok with government helping people who are homeless, I am ok and indeed support food kitchens.

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And communism is bad for yours.

Or maybe, maybe, OP might be a cuban who has seen socialism way too close

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The entitlement in this post.

It’s not funny because it’s not true. We can think different and we can speak different. We still have the freedom to do that, it’s not taken from us, yet.