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Decadent young millenial. Permanently anxious. The revolution will be won in thigh highs and fluffy jumpers ✊️ 🟨⬜️🟪⬛️ ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ

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All crusader cosplays get the tito pit 💅

People saying they were banned for the outfits but actually it’s because they couldn’t state the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

This is a great screenshot. A consumate slapper if you will.

It’s a shame the fun might be ending because of “Nintendo of Macedonia” lmao.

I heard the blue tik system was removed after war mongers and predatory pharmaceutical companies lost 100s of millions from fake tweets.

While you’re there can you get rid of any spiders and 3 letter agency spooks?

We can always dream for the lemmygrad conference/convention to happen eventually lmao.

This is turning into one hell of a party, I’m not sad this can never be real 😭

Vaush tries to enter the house party but gets bounced at the door 🚪 no pedophiles allowed.

And ironically 3 are debating the best way to apply first aid.

God dammit why are all these communists in my house?!

and there’s like 15 people debating but like ones on the bookshelf, ones hanging from the ceiling, another’s in the laundry hamper etc

Pictured: lemmygrad users on their way to tell you about TheDeprogram™.

I had this big plan to change my name to “ghost of ratette” and make my profile picture all ethereal and include a lore summary of how that phrase made me delete my account so now I’m a ghost but all that fell apart when the character limit for user names denied me.

Except ML, we are obvuously based 💅…


There’s a 90% chance GrainEater and I are chatting shit in the thread 💀 my apologies comrades but it probably will happen again…

How about too late and not Japanese so you missed the Sonic Adventure 2/Dreamcast promotions?! …


Charles was reportedly there with a large stick to push her back in. …