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I like how the old guy have the look of “how am I going to politely say your grandpa is a piece of shit” on his face.

I like how everyone is talking about Kharkov offensive and conveniently forgot about the disastrous Kherson offensive.

I must criticize the Russian army for one thing, though. They made it too obvious that they never intended to hold either area in the first place. They are several report that Russian troop didn’t simply pack up and leave - they ALREADY packed up expecting to leave, and it wasn’t until the third day where someone point out that they should try to at least pretend to care about the territory.

[Which speak a lot when you consider how terrible Ukrainian military did in Kherson]

At least you touched the deck. My attempt usually end with me adding power too late and slamming into the ocean.

Consider the shape, size, and price, I also doubt the O2 can in the picture is pressurized anywhere near a proper O2 tank would usually be, which mean…good luck getting relevant amount of oxygen from those cans.