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It’s always ironic and super self aware wolf when a customer says they “feel bad” for you because you’re working on Sunday, Christmas, etc, or working in the dead of night for 24/7 establishments.

Also, Catholics and many other Christian denominations literally believe that people who work on a Sunday go to hell for violating the Sabbath, yet after Sunday mass tons of them flood into restaurants, causing the cooks and wait staff to go to hell.

If we’re to insist on it being a specific country’s food, it really should be Indian no? It was invented by Indian diaspora in the UK as (IIRC) a take on traditional Indian food using ingredients that are easier to obtain in the UK.

IMO saying tikka masala is British food is like saying General Tso’s Chicken, which was invented by Chinese diaspora in the US for similar reasons, is somehow American food. I don’t think the country it was invented in can really claim credit in either case.

I like it because I don’t have any of the company’s shit on my own machine. I absolutely don’t trust them not to spy on my personal computer use if they had access to it. With remote desktop I close it at the end of the work say and it has no more access to my computer than I have access to their critical systems.

In my case, their shit that we’re required to use don’t even support Linux so if it wasn’t for virtualized environment I’d had to install Windows on my own machine.

CIA headquarters.

/s(?) Considering the fact that the CIA was never above this kind of sowing conflict and puppetry of other countries…

Counterpoint: Virtualized environment/remote desktop. The real computer is in a data center hundreds of kilometers away with world class fire suppression systems.

Counter counterpoint: If you’re virtualized you might be working from home, in which case, that’s rough, hope they manage to restore your house.

I once had a program fail to compile, but when I compiled it a second time it worked. No idea why, best guess is some kind of caching or dependency issue that got resolved by restating the compiler.

Now every time a program fails to compile and it’s not immediately obvious what the problem is, I instinctively compile it again just in case. Well more like three or four times.

I might just be a dog though.

Also also us: oh a lottery ticket that I know for a mathematical fact has such a tiny chance of winning that I’m literally more likely to be struck by a shark and eaten by lightning, well I’ll try my odds, who knows?

The other day I saw a video from Emkay, one of the largest “Reddit commentary/reaction” content farm channels where they just steal the top voted posts from Reddit and read them out, going as far as to censor even the lightest swear words with stupid pop culture sound effects until the post is utterly soulless to avoid demonetization, zero credit to the original creator and no linkback in the description or anything. And surprise surprise one of the narrators flat out said “YouTube blocking adblockers is great because we get more revenue!”

If that isn’t a self aware wolf moment I don’t know what is.

It’s almost like North America’s rampant and unmitigaed car dependency with almost no viable alternative modes of transport is responsible for more death and suffering than terrorism!

Also, remember that Lemmy is a small open source project with only two or three full time devs and the rest being from community contributions. Lemmy is also entirely supported by user donations and an NLnet grant. I feel like too many people are coming here and basically expecting corporate level customer service and user experience just without the corporate enshitification, which is not a fair expectation for such a small and grassroots platform.

Lemmy is also very young and very much still in beta, it only started federating like two years ago. Keep that in mind as well.

In the spirit of Alec’s pedentry, I must mention that lube does not work by making things moist, instead it works by reducing friction and preventing direct contact between solids. Oil based lubes are a prime example of this as they contain very little water and therefore is ineffective at making things moist but is still effective at reducing friction. Water by itself is actually a pretty bad lube.

Also we’re talking about machine lube right? …right?

Do it! Commence the sacrifice so that the great penguin in the sky may grant you its blessing!

And then Windows overwrites your bootloader so it can only boot into Windows.

Not that this is a competition, but both score about equally high on the BITE model for identifying cults.

So if you have to be 13+ to even sign up for Twitter why would they let him be the CEO?

Fedora KDE Spin works pretty well

This picture sums it up pretty well too.

And with a longer bed because it doesn’t waste space with a “luxury cabin.”

Ah yes, the classic dish: Grilled Null Sandwich.

Real talk: if you have access to a public community center run by your city that has a gym, it’s almost always better than a private gym. I’m super glad to have one in walking distance and from my personal experience it’s both cheaper, has the option pay per session, pre-buying tickets that can be…


Real talk: if you have access to a public community center run by your city that has a gym, it’s almost always better than a private gym. I’m super glad to have one in walking distance and from my personal experience it’s both cheaper, has the option pay per session, pre-buying tickets that can be…


Condo owners (read: not renters) say they are being forced out in Miami

Remember when they called China dystopian because of that picture of the highway that goes around a house where the homeowner refused to sell it? Or the picture of the houses in a mall parking lot which also refused to sell to the developer? Well luckily good old Freedomland has an elegant solution …


Anyone else's dog hate it when you use your phone?

I have a 1 year old Bichon Frise and she cannot stand the sight of someone using their phone. It’s not even when she was already trying to play with you and you pull out your phone, she can be laying on the coffee table while you’re on the couch, she’d be doing her own thing, but the instant you sta…