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I just found this hilarious. Taste of your own capitalist medicine…


Comments are pleasantly based for once:

“Bankrupt” for rich people is a very different from “bankrupt” for poor people. I used to work at a private school. Some entitled brat was crying that her father went bankrupt, yet she still had a family chauffeur to drive her from home to school and back again.

Can you imagine an actual mom and pop business making these demands in court? Threatening to not show up for work? The absolute temerity

Man, if $10,000 a week is broke, I am a level of poor that has yet to be discovered by economic science.

This whole liability vs bankruptcy loophole thing still breaks my brain, no matter how many times it’s explained to me. It seems like the laws are set up deliberately to ensure that damages never have to be paid and the defendant never suffers any consequences. The court case and the awarding of damages is purely symbolic.

That foreshadowed bankruptcy loophole is so obvious and egregious I really hope the congresspeople who approved it are being looked into regarding their own shell companies.

It’s like a bank robber saying he should not be sent to prison because it would spoil his ability to generate income.

What I want to know is why isn’t all these shady dealings and shell companies and obvious lying to his donors considered to be outright fraud that could land him in jail?

There’s something seriously wrong with the justice system if he manages to get away with all this.

Im going to predict that when this all fall’s through, the Jones estate will start bringing up all the new mental health struggles that should make them exempt from all these rulings.

“He doesn’t know what he’s saying. He legitimately thinks the jury are a bunch of goblins”

I feel like destroying his public persona would probably be fine to the parents he called liars for saying their children were murdered

While technically correct, it’s important not to go too far down this line of logic. The “we feed and shelter our salves so we’re actually doing them a favoured” argument is something that real slave owners used, especially in the American south.

Trains are a premo commute that the vast majority of US car-hell workers don’t have access to.

Why do I suspect that your “normie” friends are tired of seeing their ads not because it’s a cult, but because it’s Chinese?

A “Hawaii before colonialism” show would be extremely based though. See SilverSpook’s mastodon posts about what was destroyed when the US took them.

Might be why such a show doesn’t exist under US rule.

No no. The West turned Ukraine into a “free democracy”

Anyone got a comprehensive list of US invasions?

Hey, united Ireland though. Small victories?..


The fact that this wasn’t immediately obvious does not bode well for real life.

Remember kids, veganism is not the most environmentally friendly diet. Eating the rich is.

Seize the delicious cream filling of production.

I stand correct then. TIL.

Didn’t Schrödinger initially make that thought experiment to show how ridiculous the notion of superposition is because he disagreed with the theory?

I’d make a squid game joke but it might honestly turn out that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

This is why SK needs the narrative on the DPRK for its propaganda. No one will pay their atrocities any mind the instant they make up some bullshit about the DPRK.