Mathematics student who upon completion of his degree was ripped from the university’s caring bosom and cast into the ghastly cold world of employment

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Of course I’m not equipped to look inside the mind of a Christian pastor, but somehow I haven’t read a single story in my life where the bookburning was hosted by the good guys

Italians: Cook well so that the food tastes good

Germans: Perpetually redraft their definition of good-tasting food so that the food tastes good

There should be an option to buy a legal title next to your name for the same money that an SUV costs instead, for those people who just want to show off their status. Like “John Doe, e.q.m.” (emptor quadrigae maximae)

When you gamble, it’s you who loses. When the capitalists gamble, it’s also you who loses

Combatting alienation from work by forcing people to commute again is even dumber than combatting alienation from nature by forcing people to shit in an outhouse

Out there is likely a banana which perfectly fits inside a Chiquita executive’s rectal cavity, and the fact that it just sits on a dump, rotting and being denied its historical mission, is just sad

If their operation relies on State Department funding, does that mean it would be praxis to attend their shitshows so these various three-letter agencies keep pouring its funding into that hole instead of doing something actually dangerous and destructive with it?

Don’t keep your fingers crossed, you won’t be able to play

Sorry, I can’t tell you their methods just yet, but I might once I am raised to 2nd clarinetist

Join a Big Band, you’ll get to practice all sorts of music way before it is considered appropriate. When you’re professional, Christmas season starts in May, and our Kiev lodge has the Soviet anthem ready just in case. If you’re good at the bagpipes, they’ll let you in on Prince Charles’ death one year prior, and that’s even before they pass you to Fellowcraft and show you the secret key on the saxophone

That is because my comment was not meant to contradict your statement, but merely as a supplementary caveat that must be applied when transitioning from purely spiritual societies, insofar as these can be separated from the material sphere, to the concrete operation of political organisations which claim to, and to some degree do, represent the economic interests of their associated spiritual society.

The trouble with this argument is that even though belief is primarily created through material conditions, it is undialectical to assume it will not come back to influence the material world. In reality, the many cynical and idiosyncratic spiritualities cultivated by capitalism in its pursuit of profit have fathered bastard children with the political economy, which are churches, cults, and conspiracy mongers which exist parasitically by scamming and even threatening the proletariat, and it is wishful thinking to assume them to be immediately sublated after socialism is established. Just like with the exclusively material remnants of the bourgeoisie, battle will have to be waged against them until all of their dangerous elements have been removed or until they have been organically supplanted by honest, socially benign forms of spirituality in their entirety.

For instance, the Catholic church has been very much a material force fighting strongly against progress to the point where it openly backed fascist governments in Germany, Italy and Spain, and influenced the Polish counterrevolution. Obviously this cannot mean we could prohibit actual believers to practice such a faith; but we must without compensation strip the churches of all the political privileges and material assets they have acquired and enjoyed under bourgeois and feudal rule and which go much beyond allowing for the freedom of worship and congregation, and we have to severely punish any officials who put their faith above the state; if not in the interest of believers whose faiths do not at present enjoy equal legal status, then at least in the interest of those who suffer most from such a colossal waste of resources.

It is easier to return a favour when you are rich rather than poor. Of course, you cannot understand that if you never return favours

I get what “Multigrain” means in this context, but I have yet to make sense of what could be an “Original” Western podcast

Socialism doesn’t end with humanity! Help establish the Iron Carrot Bowl

That’s what Heisenberg would have you believe