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Manufacturing 50k of item ‘A’ but only 5k of item ‘B’ means you can sell item ‘A’ for less because of lower manufacturing costs?

You spelled it incorrectly; 'murikkkan.

Whatever happened to that Mussolini kid? I heard he was a real up-n-comer until he got hung-up on something.

I thought most of California’s parks burned to the ground?

  1. Is there profit to be made? 2) Who will make the profit? 3) How many people will die while massive profits are made? 4) How do we convince the public that a certain number of deaths are acceptable without lowering our profits?

If only scientists were immune and sheltered from politics and economics.

Between “testing” and “analysis” there should be “prepublish clickbait headlines” on the internet speculating on the results.

Linux has a long way to go before they’ll have a replacement for commercial CAD.

And this is the very reason I find it irksome.

Fedora management has either soldout to corporate pressure or they are being exceedingly obtuse given the current political climate.

I may have lost a few marbles but I’m not colorblind. Tell me that is not a blue/yellow background added to Settings/Appearance. I’ve been using Fedora for ages and I find this irksome.

Fedora Sellout

I never bother with themes and such so I typically use whatever Fedora serves up. I am having trouble seeing the current FW36 iteration of GTK themes so thought I’d look for an altenative. I wandered into Settings/Appearance and was shocked to see the Ukraine colors in the default backgrounds. My f…


The very first thing that popped into my mind when reading the title was this was going to be another rich people eating babies story. Not sure if that is a reflection on me or the current state of society.

Let’s see what RT America has to say about YT censorship…what?..really? OK, I’ll just listen to Lee Camp on Spotify…what’s that you say?..bummer. What?..watch the Young Turks’ channel?..I’ll pass, I hate when my ears bleed.

Needs a ball and chain labeled Student Loan Debt.

Everyone needs to read, or reread, their Philip K. Dick anthologies to see how this all turns out.