I’ve had family like that. Working 80 hours a week with two hour commutes and still suffering a level of poverty no one should have to go through. And still worship the right and blame everything on immigrants.

All of my family are some kind of right wing. My mom’s husband has Gadsden flags all over his house, my grandparents on my mom’s side donate to Isr*el and called my blonde blue eyed niece a “little Aryan”, my cousin moved to Poland because “the women there know their place”, most of my family deny climate change and are transphobic. Just all around garage people. I remember when I was still on Facebook a distant relative was some kind of liberal and they got ostrized for not being total trash. I’m surprised I didn’t end up the same way.

Reminds me of a page from one of the Unknown Soldier comic books

Fun fact: In the Arabic translation when Yako sings “All the Nations of the World” he skips Israel and just says Palestine twice.