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you’re not even a good troll bro please get better material. i dont even wanna fill the ban reason.

I got banned for 7 days from latestageimperialism for crossposting my latest article from my own (restricted) subreddit, which apparently the mod didn’t like 😂

spoiler: I’m gonna do it again next week idgaf

IIRC advertisers (the last ones that remained) pulled away from Twitter after Musk made an antisemitic comment

I indirectly-directly started that btw lol

Yikes. Where are they so I can give them a medal?

This is such word salad that I have no choice but to think you’re a primitive AI. Congratulations, you get outdone by GPT3.5.

This bot is a good idea, but it should always start with the opening sentence of the article. Idk if the dev is reading comments.

you see you’re a little fascist fuck who cheers for using white phosphorous on white civilians. I only wish you were in the barracks while Hamas was clearing them out one by one. You won’t even see this because I’m banned from your gas swamp of an instance, and that makes it even better. You are not even able to say anything against me, but everyone will see your fascist ass for what it is.

my man really came in here swinging the word tankie like it was a spell against us lmao

I hope Russia invades your house. Not your country or neighbourhood, but just your house specifically.

What the shit is your problem? Seriously. You’re making all of hexbear look bad with this childishness. Are you trying to wreck? Anyway, you get to be the first hexbearer we ban. Congratulations I guess, that’ll give you more time to organise irl since online participation is haram. I was going to do 7 days originally in good faith but you’re completely unhinged and your unban will probably never come.

Want a list of all the governments that failed under capitalism? Prepare your fucking notebook.

You have no idea how to balance a budget.

“Hmm, candles cost me 1500$ a month. But on the other hand, I could save 200$ a month if I reduced my groceries. I need to save 1000$, clearly I’ll just stop buying groceries” that’s your solution lol

The Netherlands folded against the Nazis in five days, and it is my deeply-held belief that next time, they will fold in -1 day when they will happily join in the Holocaust.

I documented some of their edits here: https://hexbear.net/comment/3599050

It’s because of trickery such as this that we decided that on the prolewiki library we would not edit texts from the original.

Note that Mastering Bolshevism seems to be the title marx2mao gave to these two speeches collected from Stalin, a more common title is indeed the one marxists.org uses.

Anyway, you can request an account freely on prolewiki and then use it when you feel like it or when you have time. https://en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Special:RequestAccount

qui exactement ici dit que tuer et violer des civils Ukrainiens c’est ok ?

I’m glad we exist to entertain you though, now get entertained by these comments…


I need that video from 1998 where Yeltsin tries to call Putin to congratulate him and Putin doesn't return the call

I know I found it somewhere around here but I’ve looked and looked and can’t find it. Please help…


The truth is comrades...

There was never any alt. You got bamboozled. …


"You liar!"

“You liar!” - Wisconcom, 14:22, 29 January 2023 (UTC) …


Get on my level

To go on Twitter, I don’t just open a new tab and type Twitter dot com …


This is AI generated but I dig the vibes…


Ukraine is NOT shelling its NUCLEAR PLANT

I mean come on guys, do you think that’s something the Avengers would do???..