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the virgin social contract vs the chad state as a tool to conciliate class struggle

It’s possible he has an alt on another instance that we federate with, but I doubt he has the foresight to keep it hidden too long. Regardless upvotes and downvotes are not encrypted or anything (they can’t be due to federation), so we can actually see who downvotes if we need to.

The alt could be anybody, but I am just myself.

You are able to find the alt using only Lemmygrad

You are able to find the alt using only Lemmygrad

The one thing I have been truthful about is that there is absolutely an alt to look out for.

The truth is comrades...

There was never any alt. You got bamboozled. …


He will have to go thermonuclear if we keep lying!

Not as funny for the thing I was going for. I just think it’s funny to quote someone as just saying “You liar!” lol.

But I wasn’t sure how to convey that correctly. Since Wisconcom also likes to pretend we doctor screenshots to make him look bad, I didn’t want to just delete the blackened part either.

"You liar!"

“You liar!” - Wisconcom, 14:22, 29 January 2023 (UTC) …


No but I can totally see that it’s gonna be a buggy mess that looks like a triple A game but doesn’t play like one because of minor stuff that in the end ruins the game, like your character’s momentum when walking or prompts to interact showing just a little bit late or you have to get in a weird position to get them to appear. It might also have suspiciously low res textures in some areas, namely all the areas that weren’t made to look super good for the screenshots or promotional material. Possibly there will be some weird design choices that devs stopped doing ten years ago, and this will automatically make the game look much more dated than it is. If you’ve played the Sherlock Holmes games from Bullfrog, this is exactly what I’m talking about.

It will probably get a good score from the press because like you said, open world harry potter for the first time, and then they will revisit the game 5 years down the line and admit it wasn’t actually that good in hindsight like they did Bioshock Infinite. The players will be mostly divided in two camps: the reactionaries praising the game despite having barely played it before they dropped it because “that’ll show the wokes” (but the game isn’t that good so they didn’t play more than the prologue), and the liberals who will automatically 1-star the game due to Rowling. Then after that you’ll have the more radical leftists, like communists and anarchists, giving the game a proper review and admitting that it’s not that good after all, even if you judge the game on its own merits.

Someone will inevitably say “I really wanted to like this game… but I can’t”, and not because of the controversy, but because it’s a passably meh game at best.

Just a very strong hunch. We’ll see if I’m right or not. I am not basing this on much at all, it just calls to me.

I think this game will be bad, anyway. Like 7 out of 10 tops, and with effort. I don’t base this on anything really, it just seems that way.

What happened in France was that after they declared their revolution, a coalition of 7 European countries tried to invade them.

How do you propose a fledgling revolutionary state defend itself and its revolution without using violence?

If you don’t do the Ukraine flag thing you might lose 1% of sales and that’s unacceptable.

This thread has run its course and there’s not much left to add so I’m going to exercise an executive move and lock the comments.

In general, I want to reiterate we are not reddit and we don’t tolerate personal attacks against other comrades. I don’t want to start banning people over this but we will if we have to.

We don’t police for every opinion users may have, so the problem is not – from the admin standpoint – that people support or don’t support religion, the problem is how people get that message across.

There’s perfectly reasonable ways to talk about this topic but honestly, if it’s clear your interlocutor is not going to change their mind, then you’re probably better off just dropping the topic.

Yes the thread in general; I just picked the first comment I found to reply to.

Comrade, I will have to ask that you please calm down in discussions regarding religion. We’re not Reddit, and we work hard to foster an accepting and generally chill atmosphere on lemmygrad. Aside from the occasional lib wandering in once in a while, we’re all MLs here and there is no reason to get nasty towards each other.

Get on my level

To go on Twitter, I don’t just open a new tab and type Twitter dot com …


But if you use a front end you cannot like and comment our tweet uwu

I’m not sure it learns from user inputs, I asked and it didn’t give me a definitive answer. It’s a predictive language model so maybe they don’t by default because that’s not how they work, I really don’t know lol

I must expand on the Mushroom Kingdom’s economy.

Their economy is clearly tech-heavy, much like Israel. With no natural resources and nothing to sell, they turned to state-of-the-art tech to sell to wealthier countries.

For example, they boast the eminent Prof. E. Gad. who is the worldwide leading expert in vacuum technologies and optics.

What do you make with optics? Drones and other recon tech. Vacuum tech? Explosives and missiles. Specifically ICBMs.

You think the Mushroom Kingdom doesn’t make weapons? What are Bob-ombs then? Highly advanced AI with a detonative charge inside a shell. Boston Dynamics has nothing on the Mushroom Kingdom’s defence contractors.

Where does Bowser get his weapons? The Mushroom Kingdom sells its weapons to the USA (among other imperialist nations) and the US sells those back to Bowser’s faction. The Contra tactic.

This is AI generated but I dig the vibes…


Ukraine is NOT shelling its NUCLEAR PLANT

I mean come on guys, do you think that’s something the Avengers would do???..


To settle the age old question: Mario is NOT a communist

He is clearly helping retain the absolute monarchy in power. …