Anti-colonial Marxism is as good as a country breakfast.

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Yes. All of them.

But I don’t speak with them willingly. There is only moral outrage, pearl clutching, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Ya know, the basic white supremacist talking points. We come from a long history of anticommunism.

We were there fighting for the US during the Russian Civil War. We were there aiding the KMT during the Chinese Civil War. We were there in Reagan’s army. It is a baffling, shocking development that now I have so much respect for those who have humiliated my family for over a century.

Idk but I’ve seen several of hers. I’m not a scientist but she is persuasive and seemingly has “no nonsense” criticism that feels constructive. She is more than just a tuber.

Ive only seen one other person on here (unless I just can’t see well, I certainly do partake in the talking-head tuberverse) Its the guy 2nd from bottom on the right. He has done take downs of flatearthers. I think he is an example of a scientist that has a poor grasp of sociology or philosophy and portrays people as drooling fools for not understanding his science. I think it’s off-putting, snobby, even ableist, despite being effective at teaching the science surrounding the earth’s shape.

Most restaurants treat it the same but I think there is technically a difference. Different cook time in the frier, different gravy. But it’s basically the same idea and is usually interchangeable unless your grandma made it clear there is a difference between country fryin and chicken fryin.

This has big “chicken fried steak is chicken” vibes. I had a boss that was so sure it was chicken. We went to the freezer, tore off the side of the box that says it’s fucking steak, and just threw it at his feet. He was pissed lol.

Back when I was reading up on claims about child soldiers in the Philippines, I came across that communists would try to turn the kids of major figures against their parents. Which I think we all know is not only based but almost too easy. Most wealthy elites have a reputation for being absent at best. Elon is likely a terrible parent and his excuses are undignified. Take the L Elon. Your kids hate you and its your fault.

Yeah ive been watching it and it is about what youd expect. I watch all marvel content because my handlers have instructed me to do so. Other shows like moon knight and loki felt like there were high stakes or were moving the MCU along. This one seems like its mostly filler so far. I guess that could change with todays episode but im not holding my breath.

The whole thing is disrespectful at best. Regardless of if someone is “suicidal.” How could it possibly help anyone?

They can if they dont produce anything and their entire existence as an economy is only meant to recycle and recirculate value that was plundered from the global south.

Billionaires dont have enough money to break them open like piggy banks and fix the economy. So basically yes. The global north would have to recreate an economy. It could never survive under equitable circumstances.

If the world economy was equitable (or was socialist) the metropole imperial core would see average incomes drop by 240% so im not buying this headline for a second.

These shirts are EVERYWHERE seriously its like 1/4 people in a crowd

I think that some people speak entirely in dog-whistles so much that they have no clue any other way to think. So they burry themselves in a toxic identity that just keeps feeding back on itself and validating itself. They don’t necessarily sit around thinking how they can make a world with more white people or to hurt women, but they also don’t have an understanding of racism or wellbeing outside of dog-whistles.