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Kind of. I don’t want to give a ghoul much credit, but he did 2 treatments and was told that he might see a benefit if he did more, but he got cold feet. For how obsessive he is about his goal, if there was no morality then he probably would have pushed forward.

Even that one rich billionaire guy that’s trying to deage stoped his blood transfusions because he said they were useless and just morally wrong.


Remember… He’s a white guy from the 1940’s…

“Investment” is millions of dollars. Your paltry 500 hundred dollars in stock isn’t even a rounding error.

I agree, but I don’t think that he was clinging to or defending his whiteness, in fact on multiple occasions in the past Shrike has made his displeasure and hatred of being lumped into the “white” umbrella as he does not view himself as white.

If I’m reading why he’s trying to say correctly, I feel like he was more so exasperated of being lumped under the white umbrella with everyone else including Americans, and by extension he is now responsible for history and crimes that his ethnicity doesn’t have a sliver of connection to. That could definitely be extremely frustrating and almost erasing to a degree. It’s just extremely American-centric, and just lumping everyone under the same umbrella because they’re “white” in the American view.

He asked what a certain, little known thing on the picture was since it is an incredibly niche thing that is virtually unknown outside the US. After he received an answer, everyone, including you, dogpiled on him like he was some random chud who was defending his families history and their right to slavery. Yes, he did get defensive with pretty poor choices of words, but it was probably overwhelming to get blamed for a lot of things that are completely irrelevant to himself and his family history.

He was just confused, then stated the basic fact of “Oh, my family didn’t own slaves”. Which, granted, is a very common conservative talking point; but in this situation it is funnily enough correct and I believe that he meant that earnestly and innocently. You can’t expect a person outside of the US to know about every modicum of American culture and know how to work around it.

Hyper vigilance is necessary, but it might be best to confirm suspicions first before going on the attack. That’ll just weird people out and alienate those who agree with you. Especially if you know little about the person and that person has been here for years without issue.

He’s not in the United States. How is his society built on “white supremacy”? How is anything you said relevant to anyone outside the US or anglosphere?

His family had nothing to do with owning slaves because their society never interacted with the slave trade in any way. In fact, there’s a strong chance that his white ancestors were literally slaves themselves in the Russian Empire. I know mine were.

Also where does he have “toxic pride”???

Its a short work, only 5 or so pages. I believe the part I’m referring to is on the first page.


I think you might be referring to MLK’s Letters from a Birmingham Jail against white moderates.

I don’t know, Paul was based as fuck.

But then we got the Catholic church.

He does attack the rich consistently however and the ideal can be extrapolated, beside this one scene. Even the famous “It is easier for a camel to walk through the head of a needle then it is for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Imagine being a God and annihilating a random tree for a hilarious and nonsensical reason. Anyone would do that at least once, especially if they were hangry lmao

Holy fuck I got a bit perturbed that you used that as in insult, but NO, this motherfucker is a genuine pedophile and his last comments are defending his attraction to lolis. WTF.

I have a good one saved, but sadly it starts post-1945, like this one


Its hard to find any one the first phase of the civil war.

Hi, PeterExplainstheJoke here.

Mao’s movement was getting their ass absolutely beat in the Civil War, which forced the PLA into a devastating fighting retreat in which they crossed thousands of kilometers on foot in order to reach fallback strongholds in Yanan, also called the Long March.

The meme is making the joke that Mao and the PLA actually performed this Long March because they had forgotten their Percs, a common party drug, back at their Yanan bases.

In the seconds after this meme, Walter(Russia) proceeds to shoot and kill Mike(NATO).

I don’t think the Libs thought this one through…

Also the Soviet Union was overjoyed at the thought of a Post-War continuation of the Allies, and because the fact that the entire West German leadership were Nazi’s, they readily applied for NATO membership, in fact they were one of the first countries to do so. They thought they could avoid hostilities with the US, and prevent an arms race or possible WW3. When they were rejected, they somberly realized what was going on and quickly organized the Warsaw Pact.

The Soviets also offered on two separate occasions to reunify Germany and establish it as a neutral country outside either spheres of influence. This would include the withdrawal of all Soviet, American, French, and British assets and forces. This was soundly rejected.

The guy on the right looks like Director Krennic. I thought I was going nuts for a second.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Wag their fingers and take away those politicians treats. The Dutch politicians won’t like it if their money is threatened, and this also lets them beg for a favour in return later.

You know, I was going to make a long detailed post about how that’s wrong, but I just can’t.

It’s so hilariously wrong and asinine that it’s comical. You have never before opened a book in your life, or hell, even bothered to Google anything about what you just said.

Please, you do realize when you say things like this without having a clue what you’re talking about, that you look like an absolute moron, correct?