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When a company declares bankruptcy all of its assets are gathered together and sold off by liquidation lawyers to cover as much of the debt owed to creditors as possible.

This process will sell anything not bolted to the ground and the process will squeeze every last penny out of the insolvency. In this case it seems the patents, technology rights, licenses, and so on were liquidated and sold to the highest bidder as per usual. Since those new owners are not beholden to any contractual obligation made by the previous company, actual user are left to suffer.


Some places require tests; border crossings, international flights, certain workplaces can mandate it, certain colleges as well, the elderly and immunocompromised who need to know as soon as possible whether they are infected or not, etc.

What are you going to do instead? Pay 1,500 to go to a hospital to get a Covid test?

South Korea has some of the highest rates of suicide, absolutely no government oversight that isn’t corrupt, is an insanely nepotistic country in regards to jobs, have practically zero workers benefits or protections, the pay is abysmal, and they already work some of the longest hours in the developed world.

The country would simply cease to exist with a mandatory standard 69 hour work week. The birthrate alone would almost instantly plummet to a little over zero.

Brittney Spears.

Its from a meme a few years ago about “Comrade Brittney” after she gave a few based takes regarding wealth redistributions, labour rights, striking, and so on.

I completely agree with your sentiment, and see no other path other then the wholesale banning of casinos and other predatory gambling machines and services like sports betting, slots, online gambling, the lottery, and scratch off tickets, but how would a state go about banning gambling in its entirety? All you need to gamble is a pack of cards (Hell you don’t even need that honestly), and underground gambling rings are extremely lucrative for this reason. Simply banning gambling also doesn’t address the underlying reasons as to why it happens or help fix the addictions and desire of the participants.

Don’t forget that Osama legitimately had Counter Strike downloaded and recently played on his computer. I wonder what team he liked to play as…

That’s it! I’m going thermonuclear! This is admin abuse smh, everyone knows I deserve special treatment and hints! I can’t believe this travesty /s

But does the alt have a discord presence? Just to make sure I don’t spend time in the completely wrong place.

I would love to keep the hunt going, but I am absolutely stumped by how to proceed. There are thousands of smaller desolate accounts here, and sifting through each one would be a nearly impossible task that would require dozens of hours.

At the same time I am unsure I would like hints as that would make it to easy. I am torn about how to proceed, but I would love to keep searching!

A quick question though, is this account tied firmly to Lemmygrad, or does it branch out to discord as well?

Sparkling water is just regular water carbonated with minerals like sodium bicarbonate. This can be done artificially or naturally from springs with high mineral counts. Soda water is just another name for the sparkling water. Soda water is the umbrella term that “club soda” and “sparkling water” fall under.

Marx is spinning so fast in his grave that if we hooked a generator up to him we would never have to use fossil fuels again.

I very much wanted to get into Magic the Gathering, but I can not justify or even find the money to spend several hundred dollars every 8-10 months for a deck since all the cards are “cycled”, forcing you to keep buying if you want to participate. It is depressing how someone can value a single cardboard card with a shiny finish at 200 dollars, and have that be the meta. Quite literally pay to win.

Yes. What was once a means of survival for the lower classes and less fortunate has now become a hobby for the more well off and a “job” for resellers and scalpers.

Pure Maoist, Stalinist, Dengist, Trotskyist propaganda. A man like Marx would never associate himself with “communism”. He even wrote a whole booked called Capital for god sakes! The man was a true believer in liberal capitalism.

1919 to be exact. The effort of women in war and their actions in stopping the Spanish flu gave the movement the final push it needed to achieve success, fairly early in the grand scheme of things. However it was a fairly hollow victory since mainly only rich upper class women could vote. While other women could vote on paper, the multitude of classist measures such as polling taxes, limited polling hours and polls, literacy tests, and racial profiling limited the availability of voting.