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Did you mean to post an image?

It takes stunning amounts of historical illiteracy for people to believe that capitalism is a beneficial system for humanity.

This is made even worse when one of the go-to arguments against communists is that we don’t know history, because if we did we’d know about the 100 gorillion vuvuzela no food etc. and hate it.

I’m gonna have to go with the money laundering monkies.

That sounds like it would be fresher and tastier than the meat you’d get in the store. White people are weird.

Now now, we can’t have them getting addicted to shelter too /j

This is the kind of thing I need in my life.

If only he had castle doctrined their asses.

This wasn’t made as a joke. This is a real quiz on a security training course my employer requires all developers to do every year…


It’s on reference to this:

This is true, but even reactionaries mock these people.

It’s a 4chan meme of a notorious poster who would make the most ridiculous, bad faith MS paint images of things he didn’t like, namely marijuana, atheism, and people who play the Nintendo 3DS

I must not be up to speed with what the gamers like and hate these days, but I thought Nintendo has a pretty diehard fandom they can coast off of. Putting the problems of capitalistic excess more on the content creators than on most average people buying the game (like companies that are crazy about microtransactions, gambling mechanics, and putting things that should be in the base game in DLCs) makes it easier to prevent people from fleeing the walled DRM garden.

Everyone acknowledges that EA is evil, but Nintendo manages to get away with a lot of shit.

The world is burning under capitalism, but for the capitalist all those flames are someone else’s problem while they secure a nice place for themself using their loot. They’re the ones starting the fires after all.

This reminds me about a time I vented to friends a few months ago. I was in a bad enough spot mentally that I was making empty threats of doing an adventurism. They suggested I might feel better if I got a more difficult job.

Good thing this post happened while Ratette is on her grass touching break.

American Sort

If an element is out of order, remove it from the array. …