Yo btw, the “map” in my username DOES NOT stand for M.A.P.🤢🤮US-based(as in originating or operating out of; I am not calling the US based in any way.)“Books come from the devil, TV is twice as fast…at information”-Master Shake

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This is the type of legal subjugation of the American people that goes unpunished, Idk if this makes me sound like a PatSoc or not, but on God, anyone that sees themselves as patriots or proud of where they come from (I’m not personally) should have their piss brought to a boil by hearing this. Conservatives talk about competition in the market as if WE are being given a benefit of choice. Well, here in the US, companies “compete” all they want, they don’t lower insurance premiums, healthcare costs, or fucking anything. We just get drained and drained until someone does something horrific and fucked up and we talk about “mental health” for 2 weeks (not offering up any material condition changes or allowing more people to get in touch w social workers for free/very cheap) and when enough people forget, we act like nothing happened. The American populace is highly numbed to seeing or hearing about domestic terrorism unless it fits a narrative of a Muslim or illegal immigrant. If it’s a school shooting like Uvalde or a public massacre like in Vegas, we send our prayers, put up a link to Mindset .com or some shit to talk about “wellness”

Boondocks Theme Song is literally my fav theme song ever, I really like ATHF’s too but Boondocks wins

Biden also said “If there wasn’t an Israel in the Middle East, we would create one” He’s really not great at keeping things low-key

According to your username, you already pissed on me, now the wheaties are off the table too? Damn, you must have a very Vitamin-rich diet😂

I think it’s important to remember that Israel funded Hamas and suppressed other more peaceful groups

“Wait a second, so you went to dinner with me earlier and went back to my house to have SEX??? I was gonna show you my Marx-Engels reader, Lenin Collection and my Leftist Soccer Jerseys! Leave my abode forthwith, you heathen!!!”

Strike 1: Choosing the closest urinal to someone else

Strike 2: Talking to someone while using the urinal

Strike 3: Being Pro Israel

❌Failed Vibe Check

The original texts of Karl Marx are about as legible as Cyrillic Cursive 🤣

I mean they aren’t completely lying, I think like more than 70% of us would be all for more Karl Kosplay lmao

And during Covid’s height, “Liberty” meant getting others sick and not being considerate by being vaccinated. I’m so sick of the word “liberty”. Just wait 15-30 years in your current country (or go to another country) to see the definition of the word change drastically and unrecognizably.

I mean I’ll just leave the argument if a lib comes to a “liberty” for all point. I don’t doubt the DPRK says it in their constitution, but I also don’t doubt that Saudi Arabia and England and Ukraine probably also have empty platitudes about liberty. End of the day it doesn’t further any political agenda or talking points, it’s like saying “we aren’t treated fair, let’s change things!” Without expressing WHAT those things are that are unfair and HOW they would go about fixing society

I heard that the word “liberty” doesn’t have a universal meaning. The colonists saw Liberty as freedom from British, to do business as they wish with less regulation. The Chinese saw Liberty as a group effort to free themselves from the yoke of feudalism. Hot take, but I don’t like using the word “liberty” in political contexts because of how vastly the definition changes country by country. It’s an abstract ideal.

“Ahh😱he said Batman. That reminds me of the Batman Arkham games when you can throw Batarangs at enemies while gliding😨I bet that’s what those Terrifying Terrorists were gonna do to innocent IDF soldiers😭”

I’m Jesse, weeping myself to sleep each night because of how fractured and segmented the US Left is. Me every single hour on the hour: 😕➡️🙁➡️☹️➡️😔➡️😞➡️😭

Cuba Libre was a VERRRRY Mixed Bag of a documentary. It was (maybe still is) on Netflix and provides a bit of good info on late 1800s and early 1900s Cuban history and I forget how they handled the Revolution and Fidel (although they have awesome footage of Fidel, so not too bad I think)Overall I think it’s worth a watch (or a rewatch in my case bc I haven’t seen it in years)

The CIA started following his career with great interest when they found out that he was an Illegal Alien🥁

I always thought the movie was controversial because it was about JFK getting killed and the story of who was involved, I was waaaay off the mark. This movie sounds awesome, lemme get my soda, popcorn and 3-D glasses!..


It’s official, Lenin is a confirmed Cumboy…


Opinions on modern anti-capitalist media??

I am not complaining about anti-capitalist media being more popular and out in the open, much better than pro-capitalist garbage propaganda that you can’t avoid here in the states, but to me I feel that the anti-cap media is sooooo pedestrian that I don’t derive any pleasure from watching it. Squid …


Basically Inspirobot is a subreddit based on the premise that an AI is making randomly generated “Inspiring” quotes daily, this one really resonated with me, I hope I can do that someday, I have a long life ahead of me to fulfill this one lmao…