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I didn’t know about that, I’ve only listened for a few years and some of their old hosts had already left the show by then, maybe that’s why they left. They’re definitely more respectable than a lot of other podcasters I know of, Felix was on Deprogram and they had Richard Wolff and plenty of labor union reps on, so I hope that any childish and irresponsible shit like that is far in the past for them

They are now “The Adam Friedland Show”, much more professional and entertaining to the average audience

Tbh they aren’t political. They call themselves left as a joke. They only say it bc they are objectively to the left of the Democratic Party insofar as they like the very basic Socialist stuff like healthcare and less police brutality and less wars of endless expansion and corruption. For a long time they used to refer to Nick Mullen the main host as the head of the DSA. It was obviously a joke and they usually just use whatever topic they talk about as a joke. Chapo is way better at Dirtbag left and they have actually credible guests on

It’s official, Lenin is a confirmed Cumboy…


I agree with that 100% the obvious part is mostly obvious to me for being an ML in the first place

Opinions on modern anti-capitalist media??

I am not complaining about anti-capitalist media being more popular and out in the open, much better than pro-capitalist garbage propaganda that you can’t avoid here in the states, but to me I feel that the anti-cap media is sooooo pedestrian that I don’t derive any pleasure from watching it. Squid …


I’ve been watching YTPs for the majority of my life and I gotta say this channel is pretty good

No, teachers in the USA make very little! It’s pretty sad, like they make enough for a career I suppose and there are unions for teachers and stuff but the pay is still horrendous compared to what private sector earns. My uncle teaches middle school (god bless that man, Jesus fuckin christ i would go insane having to deal w those kids) and my aunt works as well. He has worked at his school for over a decade now so he’s doing decent, but yea they don’t make much. There was a 3rd grade teacher of mine who actually saved up money (on a teacher’s salary mind you) to buy a top of the line projector that the school refused to pay for. Much love and respect to the teachers of the USA

Those numbers are really not far off, that is probably the most realistic scenario in that entire game like unless shit changes drastically then I think 1/4 illiterate in California is inevitable

Commiefornia: famous for changing their gun laws due to Reagan’s fear of Black Panthers, yep that checks out, total commies

Lol the funniest part of Marxism Leninism to me is how literally every ML is like “wait shit, this population is struggling with literacy? Nah fuck that, we building schools and teaching kids and adults to read” like from Hoxha to Stalin to Castro to Mao to Minh everyone recognizes illiteracy as an evil of class struggle

I remember back in the day he made an anti-weed video. Then later he made a video on how weed is kinda cool and not that bad overall and its overhyped. I remember being a huge stoner who was pissed off at the random flip in his judgment and acting like nothing happened, So I commented that he’s inconsistent and he literally said what how and I explained and he deleted the comment. Also I think he deleted one of the vids

SocDems think the same thing, but they think Trade Unions would do it without a leader(that would be ‘cult of personality’ and NOT having a charismatic and well read leader that has forged their ideology in class struggle and Revolutionary war is actually more important than the success of the Revolution)

I can already imagine liberals saying “oh Im coOoOMInG tHe FoRbIdDeN LoVel

Basically Inspirobot is a subreddit based on the premise that an AI is making randomly generated “Inspiring” quotes daily, this one really resonated with me, I hope I can do that someday, I have a long life ahead of me to fulfill this one lmao…