Firm believers in Marxism Leninism, cartoons, being a transwoman, and the need for Gulags (I will re-educate you ❤). A disillusioned ex lib and ex mormon, and resident of occupied hawaii. The Empire must burn.


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Elon to people that do nothing to him: Now… you have forced me to go THERMONUCLEAR

I would want to see lenin and marx have a discussion

would be wild

you mean his complaining about having to do something besides being a colonial cop?

your argument gives proof you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about

idk how they manage to be so nazi with nobody able to pick up on it

This is one of the more pathetic wars of the past century, glad it’ll be over soon

mans from SJW, they’re usually a bunch of fuckheads is just reddit 2.0 but worse. Make your own instances with whatever rules you want, don’t chain yourselves to the dicks in charge of

this is the most deranged fucking thread ever

what the fuck

I would start shooting as many IDF members as possible

but you see they have to do everything right or I can’t support them

what? which part?

They tried nonviolence, and the IDF killed thousands of them for it. Violence is the only option