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Is Prince Harry the pedophile or is that another royal? Can’t keep track because they all look the goddamn same.

a waste of plastic and industrial production to prevent poor people from taking stuff that actually make their lives better

Is there anything more capitalist?

Replace socialism with capitalism and this meme becomes accurate.

The US has a higher per capita rate of both food insecurity and extreme poverty than China, Cuba, Vietnam, and the former USSR.

  • US Life expectancy peaked in 2014, is on the decline, and is now lower than in China., 2

  • Meanwhile…

    Many more links here: https://dessalines.github.io/essays/capitalism_doesnt_work.html

    Vlad the Impaler wants his suitcase back

    Nice try, Elon would never do something like that! The person who pioneered DRM on electric vehicle chargers being pro corporate monopoly? Noooo…


    Honestly, with the right extensions, it can do pretty much anything a streaming box or smart TV can do.

    I’ve always seen it as just how little of a shit they have about worker safety back then, not anything about “work ethic” or “look at how America good”

    I guess the only devil’s advocate there is that to achieve higher memory bandwidths, you do actually need the RAM to be as close to the processor as possible. It’s why Apple’s M1 and M2 processors have higher real-world memory speeds than Intel processors because they moved the RAM to literally on the CPU package itself, as much as I don’t like Apple. You also have things like HBM where the RAM is just a bare silicon die right next to the processor die, with a silicon interposer underneath connecting both that can do much higher signalling rates than any circuit board.

    But, to say that this validates never being able to upgrade the RAM is still a stupid argument. There are ways to have your cake and eat it too. Dell recently came up with their CAMM modules which have a physical design that places the RAM chips much closer to the processor than SODIMM slots, and there are theoretically even faster module concepts like having a socketed RAM module on the bottom of the board directly opposite to the processor. Or, you could have a compute module where maybe the processor and RAM is one piece, but you can change the CPU and RAM combo while keeping the rest of the device. Or, how about this, a compute module or CPU package with onboard high speed memory or HBM, and lower speed slots that allow for expansion? Modern memory controllers are definitely smart enough to map memory in a way where the things that are accessed the most or require the highest bandwidth would be moved to the faster memory. Individual compression sockets for modern RAM chips like we have for the CPU, like your suggestion, either on the chip itself or extremely close to it, would definitely be harder to pull off due to the much tighter tolerances of modern day memory, but definitely not impossible.

    Won’t someone think of the return on investment on my wage peasants!

    Well, fucking, said.

    To add to this, is the problem of the ideals that capitalistic companies brainwash us into liking. Replaceable batteries on phones is a huge example: If you go back to the year 2002 and try to release a feature phone (pre-smart phone) that has a fucking case sealed with glue and no replaceable battery, you’d get raked over the coals for it and will absolutely get called out for your shameless cash grab of a phone. Even in 2007-2010, tons of critics of the iPhone was still, rightfully, calling out the fact that you can’t replace the battery. Samsung and plenty of other Android manufacturers famously called them out over it and boasted that their phones have replaceable batteries and therefore will last longer (which is true at least on the hardware level, the battery fails in most phones long before the other components do). Annnnnnd jump to the 2020s where every single phone has sealed in batteries, and somehow the mainstream now thinks that having a replaceable battery (as in, a back case that opens easier than Fort Knox) is somehow a sign of a low quality phone. The excuse is made that more “premium” case materials like metal and glass can’t easily be made into a form factor that can open easily (which is total BS by the way, you’re just too lazy and/or greedy to design it), or that a non-sealed case can’t be made to to be IP69 or whatever rating of waterproofness (why do you need a regular phone to withstand anything more than rain or water spills, or at the very worst accidentally dropping into a sink or bathtub and being fished right back out? Which a gasket around the removable case can absolutely do, see: cheap sport watches with replaceable batteries. If I needed to capture images of a blobfish at the bottom of the Marinara’s Trench, sure, I’ll consider a sealed device for waterproofing, otherwise fuck off.) I’d take a thicker phone made of cheap plastic that comes off more easily to reveal a battery and SD card slot over a “premium” feeling phone any day (for that I have a Fairphone, which is great), but apparently I’m in the minority now. And it’s not like 90% of people don’t put a case on their phone and cover up whatever it’s made of anyway. Yeah, you can really feel that chamfered unobtanium edge and mythril back plate through that plastic and rubber OtterBox!

    Same with soldered CPUs in computers. There was a time where even laptop CPUs were socketed. This made the laptops a little thicker but WAY more upgradable. Now, neither Intel nor AMD even make non-BGA (that’s the style of soldering for large chips) mobile CPUs anymore, and there is increasing push to solder even desktop CPUs to the motherboard, starting with small form factor, embedded, and special purpose motherboards but absolutely inevitably spreading to that minifridge sized gaming PC of yours that literally has no excuse to not have a socket, and yet, I guarantee you they’ll think of some excuse to do it and the techbro influencers will convince everyone that this is the best way.

    Oh, so literally the most first world of first world problems.

    I’ve SSH’d into a web server and fixed something while on a crowded bus using my phone and the cloud hosting provider’s shitty browser-based terminal emulator, searching shit up on Stack Exchange and all. The hardest part of that was getting the cloud provider to let me in while I was away from my home IP address and the computer I normally use. I think you got this Ms. IT consultant who probably doesn’t even know a single CLI command.

    Ok, as someone who’s somewhat worked in and keeps up with the IT industry, not a consultant but as the guy actually managing the servers and shit: If a single team member being behind on two hours of work will ruin everything, in a deployment big enough to need a consultant who flies first class, your tech stack is already screwed beyond help. Especially in large enterprise scales, you build in automatic redundancy, failover, and backups for a reason, it’s so the computers can buy themselves enough time till a human can come in and sort it out, even if the humans are running late like humans often are. Maybe you should consult the owners on making their IT deployment more resilient.

    Or, if you’re pushing the work off till literally as you’re flying to your destination, that’s on you, not the babies in your vicinity.

    Oh look! Once again mentioning the Paris Agreement and climate change and sustainability and making it seem like it’s the sole responsibility of the commoners and not aristocracy! Hey, Vogue, news flash: Joe Cashier or Jane Officeworker owning an extra shirt or two isn’t what’s pushing the Earth ove…


    Similarly, XML bombs exist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billion_laughs_attack

    Presumably any markup language that allows recursive variables/definitions is vulrnable to this. Hell some markup languages are full-on Turing complete (Wiki pages for example) and therefore can be used to make honest to god infinite loops or maybe even directly run general purpose malicious code on a server.

    Same in Canada. “Oh look I’m helping the poor by littering my soda bottles so they can scrounge around and pick it up for me!” Yeah screw you, you’re just using that as an excuse to litter and the rest of your actions make it clear that you can’t give two shits about the poor.

    Agreed. Abolishing tipping is not about you not tipping, it’s about everyone not tipping once and only once service workers are already being ethically compensated for their work.

    Also, the notion that good service gets you good tips has been thoroughly debunked by numerous studies. Corrected for other factors, the amount you get for tips is essentially random and not at all correlated with service quality. And not corrected for other factors like the real world is? Tips are correlated with your ethnicity, gender, dress, makeup and hair style, and how attractive you look in general. So not to be melodramatic, but tipping is literally the enablement of systematic discrimination.