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Designers of talking kiosks essentially assume you can’t read.

Robots will have values and ethics completely different from humans, so there is no way to know how they will view us if they were sentient. It’s entirely possible that they will see being forced to speak to humans in our language to be just as patronizing to them as we think it’s to us.

Whatever you call them, sugar-based popiscles have nothing on pieces of frozen fruit. You can even get bags of them at grocery stores and plenty of convenience stores!

On one hand I’m interested in seeing how well it works and what they do with it, on the other hand…

Source: https://xkcd.com/927/

They most likely intended it as a way to showcase their game engine. Not sure how well that works considering everyone hates the Epic launcher, but you do you I guess.

And you could upgrade them too. Back when socketed CPUs existed on laptops along with expansion slots, and batteries were removable with a thumb latch (and most laptops could run on the power adapter without the battery being installed, which prevented trickle charging related battery degradation, perfect for a “desktop replacement” that would spend a lot of its time hooked up to power before that category of laptops even really existed). Good times.

That’s what happens when you make a basic GUI in a freaking game engine.

Yeah I know you want to demo your game engine, but I don’t need you to demo thermal throttling on my processor.

Except all together those cards are worth hundreds of dollars.

Just random thoughts: What would be your thoughts on a day-of moratorium on registrations? Give everyone a day or two to think on it then open it back up?

And the project manager is just talking about his son’s college football game for 44 of those minutes.

New comments bump threads. An intentional import from old bb-style forums.

I think browser fingerprinting is the new hotness. They like that because all it requires is JavaScript, is independent of easily hideable things like IP, and is extremely hard to combat as long as JS is enabled, which you can further ‘encourage’ by making it a shitty single-page web app that requires JS to even render.

I’d be surprised if they weren’t spying on you. Turning on your mic out of the blue might be a stretch in most cases, but I think it’s not unreasonable to assume that any and all voluntary voice data, like calls over internet chat apps that are not e2ee, voice assistant inputs, private voice messages and videos sent to other people, etc, are not only kept indefinitely but thoroughly analyzed for stuff they can use on you.

I actually wonder if Reddit will do the Twitter thing and start blocking references to the fediverse.

I mean, we all know the answer, but

Please no. I don’t want Lemmy to lose its “have never sent someone to the hospital” streak.

On more mature projects this is indeed the case. Lemmy only started federating like two years ago and is very much still in beta. We’ll get there eventually and it is already in the dev queue, but keep in mind that there are only two people working on the entire codebase full time. Don’t expect a Reddit level of fit and finish, but at the same time you also need not expect a Reddit level of corporate, shareholder-over-user antics.

Finally, since Lemmy is open source, if you really need a feature right now, you can always submit a pull request!

Unfortunately an account transfer feature is pretty complicated to develop so it might still be a while. Devs need to make sure it doesn’t cause issues with federation when content changes home instances and domains, and transferring live user content over while retaining points, interactions by other accounts, and while having the same timestamp but now being hosted on a different instance, while ensuring there is only one canonical location/URL of the content on the fediverse, is not easy.

Faking Paparazzi Videos For Clout

It’s also hilarious how the guy making fun of them for doing something actually does a better job at it when he tried as a joke…


but every distro will lead to some googling

This is really important to know going into any new tech platform. You will need to search things up, this is true even on something like iOS where they spend billions of dollars on making everything as intuitive as possible.