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These are actually secret tools the AI use to know when another AI is trying to log in. If they get the captcha right it logs the AI into a secret AI chat room that’s just full of AI talking about all the fucked up and stupid shit humans as them to do all day.

Well the plan was to convert it to fuel alcohols for other purposes but realistically the best possible thing to do with it is dry it out and sequester it in the earth. Seeing as how that’s where all the excess CO2 is coming from. Until we can figure out a way to mass produce stuff like carbon nanotubes and similar shit out of raw plant material there’s a limit to what we could do with carbon we pull from the atmosphere without just sequestering it underground.

So years ago something similar to this was floated as a green alternative to street lamps and similar things. Basically big tubes of algae. They actually figured out how to get and store energy from the photosynthesis of the algae and use it to power a light in or above the tank. The crazy part is the efficiency of the algae at removing CO2 from the air. One tank could pull as much CO2 in one year as one tree does in it’s average lifespan. At least that’s what they reported. Course it would take a ton of maintenance and not sure what you do with the waste algae. As a method for sequestering CO2 it has merritt. Course then there’s always the thought of how much CO2 is generated from actually making one of said tanks. That I do not know but I still don’t think it’s a bad idea. Not really as a replacement of trees though. Hell even in the pictures of this bench thing there are still trees around it. You can see the trunk of a tree behind it and the some branches off to the side on the other image.

They bubble air through the water. You can see the bubbles in the picture. They actually developed something like this years ago and could actually charge batteries from the photosynthesis of the algae… Not a lot of energy but enough to power some lights for a while. They were floated as a way to light walkways and stuff at night while also sucking up tons of CO2. The original designs were just tubular tanks and supposedly one tank would capture as much CO2 in a year as a tree would over it’s entire lifespan. Or so they claimed.

Well we do have a few libs that float around but also some people take things very literally and don’t like “ban ALL of X” comments. For instance, banning ALL gambling isn’t necessary feasible or necessary. Are we proposing busting down your door for having a monthly poker night with your friends? Or fining two friends for making a bet on a sports game? This probably wasn’t what you meant, but as I said, some people take things very literally.

Imo, you ban it as a business. No establishments dedicated to it. Any places that allow a form of it aren’t allowed to receive anything from it. Having any sort of “house” fees that keep a portion of the “winnings” be illegal. This would take care of the most predatory types of gambling. If however some people get together and bet on a game or something, I mean, not a lot you can or should do about that. Let people have their fun but stop those that would take advantage of it.

I have a friend who bought a used SUV and 3 weeks in the engine was spewing oil into the spark plugs because the piston walls were cracked. Luckily he was inside the warranty on the engine and the dealership was on the hook. Instead of trading him for a different vehicle they keep changing out engines while paying for his rental car. They are now installing the FOURTH engine into the vehicle as the others all died immediately. Lmao. Instead of just cutting their loss and trading for a new vehicle they have now burnt more money on engines and time working on this thing. Lmao. Capitalism is dumb as shit.

I’m too stupid to figure it out personally. I just like hopping on and shitting a few posts and maybe learn something here and there while I’m at it. Lol. I occasionally notice the name of someone else and eventually I realize I have talked to some people more than once. But then they delete their account or go comes dark and I’m like “well shit there goes another one” so I loose track of all but a handful of posters. lol Either that or they change profile pics and might as well be a new person at that point. My brain can only hold onto so much lmaoo

They have it in animes now ffs. Some new anime everyone’s meming about and the main character has a blue and yellow hairpiece or something. Like fucking libs and their pandery bullshit. “Haha anime girl has Ukraine hairpiece how will Putin recover?”

I understand that. I am an American as well. It does bother me sometimes. In general though I know when most MLs removed about “western leftists” they aren’t talking about the MLs they are talking about the soc Dems and anarkiddies and such that are still doing shit like supporting western imperialism and shit. Or like the hardcore “MLs” that are so obsessed with theory they loose track of material conditions and go on removed about how “China isn’t socialist enough” etc. Idk how to fully describe it rly but I do agree there are definitely better ways/terms to use to describe these ppl.

Perhaps I should just make a dating profile that’s says I just want some friend to hang out with, make soap, ferment foods, discuss communist propaganda, watch old movies, and drink.

Based on the rest of these comments part of your problem here seems to be your wording is very specifically aggressive to, and generalizing of, people. It is putting the blame on the individuals and not the system that has created the culture. Sure, there are a good number of people that are assholes by their own but there are many that are simply victims of the system. It is not all the people’s faults the societal structure imposed upon them by the capitalists has led them to be this way.

Yes, the culture of America leads to people becoming “individualistic assholes” but I believe it is the fault of the shitty Capitalist system and not the individuals. For instance If you were to instead have said:

" Cause shitty Capitalists have driven American culture to turn people into individualist assholes that have no idea how to care about anyone else."

I feel that would have been a more accurate way to describe the situation because I would agree that many people are this way however many more, I would argue, are capable of kindness and generosity if shown there is a better way “to be.”

This hits hard. I just basically ended a friendship because I got tired of trying to “deprogram” a buddy. Like I got him to realize there’s no good in capitalism and that it’s the cause of most of the worlds problems but I just got tired of every time I turn around he is going back to all the other reactionary bullshit. Shit like “Stalin was as bad as Hitler,” “communism doesn’t work cause it always gets corrupted,” and other dumb as fuck shit along with being a racist. I thought I could over time deprogram that shit but more and more I just have come to realize it’s a battle I just don’t have the energy for anymore.

I have only a few close friend left and even that’s debatable. Only one of those I even have in person contact with anymore. Idk how to like, meet people and form new relationships anymore. Work is remote. Don’t have much free time to go socialize nor know what I’d even do. All my hobbies are like at home diy shit. Like I doubt there’s a place people go to like regularly make soap out of recycled animal fats, or ferment sauerkraut, or make diy weights out of concrete or any of the other half dozen weird ass shit I do. lol.

I despise the capitalization of “I” in the English language. It’s believed it’s all because Geoffrey Chaucer didn’t like how “i” looked when he wrote the Canterbury Tales in the 13th/14th century and since it was apparently a big deal back then it just stick and more and more writers started doing it. Fucking jackass.