They see like this all the time.

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When the US finally collapses I hope they drag it’s name through so much mud it becomes some sort of slang of something vile, filthy, and evil.

She was actually just allowed to hit the “send a JDAM to a hospital” button.

Big butt sheep emoji when?

This is another video I like to share with people that sort of inadvertently disproves the Uyghur genocide stuff. It’s non political and just this lady showing off the “big butt sheep” Xinjiang region.

I literally went off earlier in a group chat about this very thing. Like, this is the most damning evidence against the Uyghur genocide bullshit. We have the entire Western media, the greatest propaganda machine on Earth, trying to suppress anything coming from Palestine and failing. Meanwhile we are supposed to believe China can do this to a supposedly even larger population without so much as a video inside on of these complexes? Like one dude with a smartphone doesn’t exist. Nothing leaked? No videos of prisoners being dragged to organ harvesting? Nothing. Just vague bullshit and made up stories and libs gobble it up because they are the dumbest fucks on earth.

I am surprised the first response I got was not an attack. The pro pit propaganda runs hard and encouraged pretty rabbid harassment. I don’t blame people that don’t know for defending pits. It’s the ones that argue in bad faith and ignore obvious data that are the problem. There’s a reason why pits, and only pits, need to be defended so aggressively. All it takes is just googling reports of actual dog attacks to see almost all of the reports involved a pit or pit mix. Hell all you have to do is Google pictures of pitbulls vs porcupines and then compare those to literally any other dog breed vs porcupines. Normal dogs take a hit and get deterred out of their natural survival and pain avoidance instincts. Pits just maul them harder till they all but kill themselves. That’s what happens when you breed some poor animal to fight to the death against other animals. It’s tragic what we have bred into these dogs and even more tragic that instead of taking responsibility for it and at least attempting to breed it out and/or restrict breeding, we double down and make more and more lies about them that get innocent people maimed and killed. Then when people try to point all this out they get harassed to no end.

You can’t because they didn’t. They just made it up as pitbull enthusiasts always do. On the other hand here’s a site that has numerous reports on dog bit statistics and also a link to the National Pitbull Victims Awareness collective. No other breed of dog has so many organizations dedicated to victims and no other group of animal supporters attacks victims like pitbull advocates do.

Here is a report of US and Canada dog attacks from 1982 to 2009. (PDF download)

Communism without borders when?

Fucking Biden admitted they weren’t fucking spy balloons Jesus fuck. We had actual new articles where at least one of them was confirmed it was for a Ham radio club or some shit. lol.

Paint brush to represent the arts.

Their mental gymnastics are really interesting. They always say the reason Chinese kids are smart is because of how strict and oppressive their parents and schooling is. So they are obviously accepting that these kids are smart… Well… smart kids make smart adults… So why think the adults in China can’t figure out making these chips? It’s like they think the kids go and grow up and then loose all their intelligence?

When you post an emoji from one instance to a different one the emoji does not transfer to the new instance as an emoji but as an image file. This it is not it’s emoji side.

So any Hexbear emoji, posted to lemmygrad, will be larger. The same would occured is someone from lemmygrad posted an emoji to a Hexbear thread.

At least this is how I understand it.

They literally know nothing of the world outside of reddit posts. They could be pumping out phones and PC parts with chips better than ours but as long as the reddit slip keeps saying otherwise that’s all that matters.