Privacy is a human right, thank you Edward Snowden. I dont use any social media other Lemmy and Minds. I post my opinions on subjects wether people agree or not, if you want to disscuss than do so respectfully and ill do the same. Check out my sublemmy 10_0s basement.

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true and real, if I wanted bad energy I would use twitter 😅

anyone remember the USB audio players for music like the iPod but cheap and tiny, mine finally died USB A in and 3.35mm out RIP my old friend

I keep
I just do
Don’t ask

Cats knock things off for no reason, and loss

I would’ve never got this without this post ty

Startpage is my goto and duckduckgo

I must be human enough to see the joke hidden in plain sight

This is true, it’s like telling a racy joke but without a punchline, does it still make it a joke? (At least in theory?)

“How to turn into Amber Turd”
“It takes two to Tango”

-“I’m here to warn you about your future!” -“You’re a time traveler?” -“No I’m a climate scientist” -“So when’s the world gonna end?” -“When did I mention the end of the world?” -“Every article written on the subject”

  • “That’s called journalism”

What’s personal ownership?

My day is so much better, and my day is made.