I’m having problems with Manjaro again, always after those big updates. Anyway, I’m moving from Manjaro since it seems it will not work (authorization isn’t working properly). I already tried Ubuntu before (used it for 3 months), but moved on since file management in Ubuntu is pretty bad (had to use terminal to copy files and format drives because system wouldn’t recognize me as administrator). I’ve been using Manjaro for 4 months and it’s really good, the update problems ruin it.

Anyway, I was thinking of moving on to something like Linux Mint, Debian or Fedora. I wanted something with support and with people that care for the code. What do you guys suggest? I ask because I don’t want to encounter another distro changing problem with my next distro.


I would strongly suggest you to try MX-Linux. I too was in a similar situation as yours 9 months ago and now I use MX xfce and I haven’t encountered one bug like I used to do on Ubuntu based distros

IMHO - Fedora is the new Ubuntu from a usage standpoint. It “just works”, is rock solid and has up to date packages, kernel and window manager. The kernel is important too because cutting edge hardware wouldn’t work without a compile.


Thank you for the feedback people. You make a good case for Fedora, as people have before - seems to be a good distro.

I was inspired to ask this because of the browser privacy article someone made. It made clear which browsers are private and which are not, and that’s good. I just hoped something would come along that would give me a guaranteed smooth Linux experience, as Firefox user profiles and Falkon do for privacy.


“Distro recommendation” questions aren’t usually very useful…all you get is everyone recommending the distro they use. It’s unlikely you can get anything useful out of the answers.

I wanted something with support and with people that care for the code

Applies to pretty much every major linux distro that isn’t a derivative and also some of the derivatives that do more than just add some cosmetics (unless you specifiy a bit more in details what you mean with “care for the code”).

Also all distros can be configured, there is no real reason to switch from something like ubuntu because you don’t like how the “Files” manager works to another distro…you could get pretty much the same on ubuntu as other distros offer and in most cases easier than by doing a reinstall. Really, you are better off trying to fix an issue you have on one distro that distro hop at every little problem you run into…


I think you must be doing something strange that you are having upgrade problems no one else has. I have been running Manjaro for 4 years now with minimal update issues.

Are you by any chance installing a lot of obscure software via AUR?


People complain about system problems after updating on the Manjaro forums. I don’t think I’m the only one having these problems.

I installed some things on AUR, but I don’t think I went too obscure. The most obscure things I downloaded were Debtap and text to speech programs. I also installed some bash programs.

I’ve been using Manjaro for a while now and haven’t had problems. 🤔

Id say stick to arch-based and try out EndeavourOS. IMO thats the one that should be pushed instead of manjaro even though i get why that is not the case. Also isnt your ubuntu problem just the file manager? As in its dolphin (or whatever the default is) doing that and not ubuntu as a whole. So you could go ubuntu and just get a different file manager


Would you mind telling a few things about your computer usage?

  • Do you play lots of games or do graphics work?
  • Are you a programmer or just like to make bigger tweaks to your system?
  • Do you prefer having the latest features or would you rather have your applications work the same for >1 year?
  • Preferred desktop environment?
  • Enjoy working with the terminal or prefer a GUI?
  • Are those 3+4 months your total Linux experience?

I’ve been very happy on Zorin OS 16, it’s basically just Ubuntu with lots and lots and lots of spit and polish (much like Mint, but with a better aesthetic imo).

My advice, Go vanilla Arch. Alot of Manjaro’s issues are actually tied up in the fact that it recommends you use PAMAC to install things. PAMAC, though user friendly, also seems to cause a lot of system stability issues when installing packages, vs just using pacman. I’ve also heard that, even though Manjaro is a rolling release, it keeps certain things back that are released on vanilla Arch branch more quickly. I don’t know this for cirtain but I’ve heard it some where I think.

Install vanilla arch via the archinstall command, then get an AUR helper like ‘yay’. In my experience it’s more stable and just plain better.

If you do decide to go with an Ubuntu based Distro, Give POPos a try

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