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Physicians are being replaced by nonphysician practitioners in healthcare - protect yourself and your family from medical harm

This is an issue I have rarely seen discussed outside of healthcare circles. I’m not sure if this exists in other countries, but in the US and Canada we are facing an issue in which those who have money and connections can afford to see physicians, and those without money and connections are forced to see Nurse Practitioners with a small fraction of the training. Of course this is a complex issue that also involves the increasing expense and inaccessibility of a proper medical education. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Frog boiling in a two-tiered pot.

Just wait for the three-tier system to arrive at a hospital near you. That’s where a receptionist triages you first to decide whether they even need to bother the nurses or doctors. If they say, ‘No, you’re not really ill’, you’re shit out of luck.

Receptionist asks: “How do you intend to pay for this?”

That’s the one 😞

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