>be smart at math;
>use math in the real worth;
>you lose regardless

Reason #1 as to why Gambling should be strictly banned and harshly punished: It’s a legalized form of scam that preys on peoples’ hopes to loot them of their resources. And when they actually start winning something, they get banned from the establishment.

I just love when I’m having a poker night with friends and the cops break into my house, smash my door to the ground and, for good measure, shoot my dog

(didn’t downvote tbh, I don’t think this is where u were getting at but still, why banning just regular people wanting to bet?)


I like how in star trek the next generation, they play poker, but as enlightened communists without money, they still treat it as a serious game. ie the fact that there’s no real money involved doesn’t mean they play any differently.

why banning just regular people wanting to bet?

Because things usually start getting ugly (sooner or later) once money/goods get involved. Sooner or later people might start rigging games (horse racing for instance) to go in their favour.

On the other hand, it’s okay if money/goods aren’t involved in your poker night. Card games doesn’t automatically mean gambling, after all.

Me, a highly specialised and paid factory worker 1who earns 10.000 stalins a month in a developed socialist society when I brutally massacre all of my family and friends over losing 5 stalins in a poker night

ok, i’ll admit, that exaggeration got me a laugh.

but anyway,

  • not everyone is lucky enough to earn 10,000 “stalins” a month
  • it’s unlikely people would bet very little on something, when they could bet more in hopes of getting more returns
  • most people keep gambling away even after losing money, to the point where they start gambling away their clothes.

though, i don’t believe socialist countries would allow gambling to be run in the first place.

I completely agree with your sentiment, and see no other path other then the wholesale banning of casinos and other predatory gambling machines and services like sports betting, slots, online gambling, the lottery, and scratch off tickets, but how would a state go about banning gambling in its entirety? All you need to gamble is a pack of cards (Hell you don’t even need that honestly), and underground gambling rings are extremely lucrative for this reason. Simply banning gambling also doesn’t address the underlying reasons as to why it happens or help fix the addictions and desire of the participants.

Imo, you ban it as a business. No establishments dedicated to it. Any places that allow a form of it aren’t allowed to receive anything from it. Having any sort of “house” fees that keep a portion of the “winnings” be illegal. This would take care of the most predatory types of gambling. If however some people get together and bet on a game or something, I mean, not a lot you can or should do about that. Let people have their fun but stop those that would take advantage of it.

Comrade MLGJoe

KKKapitalism is basically institutionalized gambling. At least street thugs have reasons to be thugs.

When you gamble, it’s you who loses. When the capitalists gamble, it’s also you who loses

Comrade MLGJoe

In short: Capitalism is massive net loss for society. Socialism is unironically a RoI Positive.

Why else do you think it’s called Socialism?

exactly, cant really win.

State sanctioned gambling is essentially a poverty tax. The poorest are exploited the most through it.

Last time I’ve heard the terms, “poverty tax”, I saw it being applied to lottery tickets. Another form of gambling.

Okay, I’m going to ask: Who the hell keeps downvoting my comments/posts randomly without any rhyme or reason? Come out and explain yourself, coward.

I bet it’s somebody THERMONUCLEAR!

Heh. This gag will never get old.

Well we do have a few libs that float around but also some people take things very literally and don’t like “ban ALL of X” comments. For instance, banning ALL gambling isn’t necessary feasible or necessary. Are we proposing busting down your door for having a monthly poker night with your friends? Or fining two friends for making a bet on a sports game? This probably wasn’t what you meant, but as I said, some people take things very literally.

I think its a personnel downvoter

That might be it, actually. I’ve been getting downvotes on harmless, non-political comments as well.

Three accounts about to win back their losses on their next roll.

“win”, hah! Now that’s a good joke!

3 downvotes by now, i think we have some liberal consumerists here.

Lemmy users probably. They’re allowed to interact with us, after all. Even if it means just downvoting and running off like kids ringing the doorbell and scooting off like they’re some master prankster…

tbf I regularly downvote people by accident. Then I’ll be browsing, see that I’ve downvoted someone and think, hang on, they’re right, what was I thinking? Then I realise and undo the mistake. It’s not me this time, though.

tbf I regularly downvote people by accident

w-why would you downvote people regularly anyway 😶

It’s by accident! I must press the down arrow while I’m scrolling or something. No idea. I’m not choosing to do it. 🙂

Either that or it’s my dog when I’m not looking. Maybe they dislike all the comments that don’t mention bones, walks, or scratches. I’ll keep an eye out.

Can your dog also write comments and make posts? :o

If there are treats on offer, more than likely. 🐕

If you regularily visit lemmy, there is much to downvote there, and the interface are identical…

b-but who in their right mind would visit a liberal zeitgeist like lemmy on a daily basis 😶

Me too, same reason as Poland, plus I moderate technology and privacy there.

but why 😶

why make yourself suffer unnecessarily 😶

I guess i pity Yogthos, who provide like half content on entire lemmy, with his colossal masochism getting into 50 post long discussions with natoid anarkiddy who openly want him gone.

I also like to read his links.


Bless that man for his continued, resilient fight against counter-revolutionary trolls.

diegeticscream [all]

deleted by creator

My guess is wisconcom or a troll

I thought Wisconcom finally put an end to his revenge quest with Lemmygrad after the botched smear campaign in Leftypedia?

It could be a liberal troll though. Probably from Lemmy. They can interact with us, after all.

I think he has an alt somewhere on this site

It’s possible he has an alt on another instance that we federate with, but I doubt he has the foresight to keep it hidden too long. Regardless upvotes and downvotes are not encrypted or anything (they can’t be due to federation), so we can actually see who downvotes if we need to.

Someone should try to “summon” him.

I heard if you say ‘annoying idiot’ 3 times in a row they will appear.

HAHAHAHA. Perfect description for him.

I don’t see you being downvoted.

10 up, 3 down

Weird, I see no upvotes except my own 1 up (at score 2) and the one I replied to is at 1 overall.

I use web version for PC.

Are you using jerboa by any chance? It shows me totally fake up/downvote counts sometimes, a comment i made literally ten seconds ago with 30 up votes… Yeah

Not that theese fake point matter tbh, we aren’t on reddit

Yes I do. That must be it.

Eh, probably best to not worry too much about the one rando downvote here and there, especially when it isn’t accompanied by a dissenting comment. This is ultimately a political place, people will disagree, but if they don’t give context then you can’t engage with it. There will also be the occasional fed or other adversarial plant doing stuff to cause some disturbance.

Thank you for your advice; but I wasn’t really “worrying too much”. I’ve just been flabbergasted at the random, doesn’t-make-sense downvotes I was receiving. Even on harmless, not-very-political comments like this, this and this one. Did I get some kind of stalker after me?


You can also hide vote scores in your settings, pry a good idea for most of us who are bothered by it.

Ah yeah looks like possibly someone could be specifically targeting you. Well, there is a saying, something like: “If you haven’t made enemies, have you made a difference?” or something like that. Don’t remember the exact words, but the spirit is something like that.

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