There was never any alt. You got bamboozled.

No, I’m joking of course. My question is: do you want to keep the hunt going, or has everyone had their fill?

After all, what is important is what was left unsaid, and so it’s important to have it said. I’m guilty of that too sometimes.

Reply now or face the consequences!

I would love to keep the hunt going, but I am absolutely stumped by how to proceed. There are thousands of smaller desolate accounts here, and sifting through each one would be a nearly impossible task that would require dozens of hours.

At the same time I am unsure I would like hints as that would make it to easy. I am torn about how to proceed, but I would love to keep searching!

A quick question though, is this account tied firmly to Lemmygrad, or does it branch out to discord as well?

You are able to find the alt using only Lemmygrad

But does the alt have a discord presence? Just to make sure I don’t spend time in the completely wrong place.

You are able to find the alt using only Lemmygrad

That’s it! I’m going thermonuclear! This is admin abuse smh, everyone knows I deserve special treatment and hints! I can’t believe this travesty /s

Your alt isn’t one of the wisconcom alts, is it? Because that would be devious

The alt could be anybody, but I am just myself.

In reality, the question is a cultural contraposition of androgynous terms with respect to the juxtaposition of the global casuistry orientation. Perhaps it would be necessary to consider exogenous parameters with respect to Socratic philosophy, at least with respect to the genesis of this question from a position of initiation of ancient thought.

I do not want to finish my contribution to your interesting contribution without recommending the book: “The sidereal feeling of past constellations”, there it delves into the quantum philosophy applied to the singularity of the Spanish chickpea, it may be of interest to you.

Does that mean there is a alt? Keep it going of course.

The one thing I have been truthful about is that there is absolutely an alt to look out for.

Are u actively posting w the alt?

This game is fun but I have no idea who it could be, you’re too good at this.

I’m too stupid to figure it out personally. I just like hopping on and shitting a few posts and maybe learn something here and there while I’m at it. Lol. I occasionally notice the name of someone else and eventually I realize I have talked to some people more than once. But then they delete their account or go comes dark and I’m like “well shit there goes another one” so I loose track of all but a handful of posters. lol Either that or they change profile pics and might as well be a new person at that point. My brain can only hold onto so much lmaoo

It feels like I’m changing my pfp weekly tbh

So far nobody seems to have really made any guesses, which indicates that it might be too hard at the moment. The only account that seems to get any attention is Synthetic Stardust which I have a suspicion is a deliberate red herring.

@Gopnik_Award made a pretty good argument for Synthetic Stardust being the alt

It could easily just be someone else who’s in the prolewiki server who’s trying to throw us off, not conclusive in the slightest. Also do we know whether the message in the server or the post on Lemmygrad came first?

of course, it’s not proof either way, hence my choice of words 😐
Gopnik_Award’s comment was posted less than an hour after Synthetic Stardust’s, but it depends on what 13:00 (time of CR8’s message) is in the former’s time zone; if CR8’s was first, it depends on whether Synthetic Stardust is in the ProleWiki Discord server

Soviet Snake

Why do you think that’s the alt?

No, I don’t think its the alt, I think its a red herring.

Soviet Snake

Ahh, I thought that means something similar to alt.

Ah no worries, a red herring just means something that seems like a convincing clue or an answer to a problem, but is in fact just a deliberate distraction.

deleted by creator

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