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Nobody: Bowling alley Tvs when you get a spare:

The first photo with all the Prince Harry books is unbelievably funny to me

I raise you a Russian bookstore

Is Prince Harry the pedophile or is that another royal? Can’t keep track because they all look the goddamn same.

They are probably all nonces but the one who was proven to be a nonce by association to Epstein was Prince Andrew.

The biggest bookstore chain in Italy was founded by a communist guerrilla that financed a communist independist movement in sardinia and died trying to blow up a train station

After he died it became a capitalist book store chain like any other, but I still believe its funny lol

What’s it called?

LaFeltrinelli, the guy was called Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

I have only found one based book in a regular bookstore, Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara, all else is lib garbage or fiction which is aight

In Poland even fiction is full of fash shit. You can open a romance book for women and you will find “Red Army were rapists” and i kid you not there is entire subgenre about wartime romance between polish/jewish women and nazi men.


I can already imagine liberals saying “oh Im coOoOMInG tHe FoRbIdDeN LoVel

The sheer audacity to claim Mao welcomed Japanese’s occupation is insane. How anyone can claim this is beyond me. The reality being that most of the resistance to the Japanese was from the communists, likewise famines were eliminated in the PRC. Not to mention improvements in life expectancy. Though, it’s the same story with any socialist project. Insert Parenti quote about manipulating anything about communism into a negative.

Mao advocated for the end of the civil war to focus on driving out the brutal Japanese invaders.

Chiang prioritised his campaign of exterminating any ‘left’ elements within the country and put the Japanese invaders on the backburner.

These feds/libs: ‘Mao a japanese fascist agent ROC real democracy lol’

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The quote

In the United States, for over a hundred years, the ruling interests tirelessly propagated anticommunism among the populace, until it became more like a religious orthodoxy than a political analysis. During the Cold War, the anticommunist ideological framework could transform any data about existing communist societies into hostile evidence. If the Soviets refused to negotiate a point, they were intransigent and belligerent; if they appeared willing to make concessions, this was but a skillful ploy to put us off our guard. By opposing arms limitations, they would have demonstrated their aggressive intent; but when in fact they supported most armament treaties, it was because they were mendacious and manipulative. If the churches in the USSR were empty, this demonstrated that religion was suppressed; but if the churches were full, this meant the people were rejecting the regime’s atheistic ideology. If the workers went on strike (as happened on infrequent occasions), this was evidence of their alienation from the collectivist system; if they didn’t go on strike, this was because they were intimidated and lacked freedom. A scarcity of consumer goods demonstrated the failure of the economic system; an improvement in consumer supplies meant only that the leaders were attempting to placate a restive population and so maintain a firmer hold over them. If communists in the United States played an important role struggling for the rights of workers, the poor, African-Americans, women, and others, this was only their guileful way of gathering support among disfranchised groups and gaining power for themselves. How one gained power by fighting for the rights of powerless groups was never explained. What we are dealing with is a nonfalsifiable orthodoxy, so assiduously marketed by the ruling interests that it affected people across the entire political spectrum.

– Michael Parenti, Blackshirts And Reds

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Legit intrigued by the Castro one lol

My dad purchased that book 😬😢25 euros wasted (or 2 pizzas, 2 Supplì, 2 coke cans and a 1.5l water)

In Poland on the shelves with “history” we can often see, next to eachother: Daniken, Solzhenitsyn, Suvorov, Pipes, Applebaum, Volkogonov and local polish Cursed Soldiers mass produced nonsense.

Daniken, Solzhenitsyn, Suvorov

Well they are all around the same degree of sanity and credibility

Sleepless One

Is Becoming Kim Jong Un the next Being John Malkovitch?

I would watch the shit out of that

Now that would be the first selfimprovement book i would want to read, but something tells me it’s not intended as one (quick search tells me it’s written by literal CIA officer lol).

i thought that becoming kim jong un a was an autobio by kim jong un

I mean, what did you expect?

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