I went out to dinner the other night with a family friend, and he spent the entire dinner talking about some right wing conspiracies. I feel like my brain is rotting oml. Does anyone else have to sit through conversations like this?

My brother is one of those “national bolsehvists”

All of my family are some kind of right wing. My mom’s husband has Gadsden flags all over his house, my grandparents on my mom’s side donate to Isr*el and called my blonde blue eyed niece a “little Aryan”, my cousin moved to Poland because “the women there know their place”, most of my family deny climate change and are transphobic. Just all around garage people. I remember when I was still on Facebook a distant relative was some kind of liberal and they got ostrized for not being total trash. I’m surprised I didn’t end up the same way.

My grandma is an ultra-conservative Christian fundamentalist and thinks that the Liberal Party (A NED-funded party here in the Philippines that simps for 'Murikkka) is “run by communists”, and she is also a very staunch supporter of Ferdinand Marcos Sr. However, I managed to talk her into being at least anti-imperialist. (She’s still socially reactionary otherwise tho)

yup got a really close uncle who fucking worships trump literally has him as his background on his phone and his a flat earther, those are some interesting conversations in family reunions. It extra sucks too cuz his had it really difficult finding a stable job and just having enough money to live and just doesn’t see that the right is against us you know one of those people who see themselves as a temporarily impoverished future billionaire.

I’ve had family like that. Working 80 hours a week with two hour commutes and still suffering a level of poverty no one should have to go through. And still worship the right and blame everything on immigrants.

Somewhat frequently and this same relative I’m pretty sure is reluctant to tell me because he can tell I am quietly disapproving without even saying much.

I’d also assume that he later comes to the conclusion some of these ideas or even smaller conspiracies are total bullshit or a waste of time. So I don’t really have to do much or even buy into the conversation to disprove anything…

Unrelated? I’m all in for citizens reporting of their POV in events (that isn’t journalism though). And what I’m noticing is Elon Musk trying to appeal to that audience in twitter. What it seems like they’re doing is endlessly shilling dumb bullshit stories though.

My cousin but I’m 50% sure he is memeing, he’ll say something like": pee is stored in the balls" and immediately after say “we should gas all the Jews” I guess its just a fase, AFAIK he’s a larper who never did something far right irl

I think that’s just a real life IRL 4chan memer

Thankfully I only have to deal with normal liberals

Comrade MLGJoe

Not much aside from my mom and dad.

Most of the family is based(Titoists) but ugh we have a few monarchists in a very extended family, just a few small cases, but prominent one is nephew who started to be based but now is a racist nazi, China bad 24/7, antisemite etc, I don’t know what happened, haven’t heard him in half a year, so maybe he changed idk.

they aren’t my family anymore.

Yes. All of them.

But I don’t speak with them willingly. There is only moral outrage, pearl clutching, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Ya know, the basic white supremacist talking points. We come from a long history of anticommunism.

We were there fighting for the US during the Russian Civil War. We were there aiding the KMT during the Chinese Civil War. We were there in Reagan’s army. It is a baffling, shocking development that now I have so much respect for those who have humiliated my family for over a century.

yes. my father is pro zionism and believes Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic. my mother is a liberal who thinks nazis should be allowed to speak because she “hasn’t heard what they have to say”

Sleepless One

My family pretty much never brings up politics besides a milquetoast acknowledgement that some current event is happening.

My friends rarely talk about things other than sportsball or what entertainment media they’re consooming, but when they do venture into politics it’s usually bad takes. I had one friend announce that he started learning about China from serpentza and he parroted the bullshit about mountains being painted green counting towards a reforestation program. I had another friend excitedly talk about how our city building (yet another) sportsball stadium would be great in part because it would displace homeless people. It’s worth mentioning that they’re all cishet labor aristocrackers who were brought up in and currently reside in the crackerburbs, so all things considered it could probably be worse.

My mum’s a die-hard Thatcherite, if that counts.


I come from a wealthy family that had thousands of hectares of land, all of them support PAN ( extremely conservative party in mexico, its about 1 more lost election to become far right lol ). Funnily enough my grandpa and uncles/dad were so incompetent that they lost mostly all of the land, yet they blame the communist government from stealing their land ( no joke ).

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