Source: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

Kyiv NATO puppet government by coop and later rigged election: Russia bad because violence is never a solution to any problems. We can freely slander and scpaegoat Putin for his military intervention to defend the 25% of Ukrainian citizen in Southeastern Ukraine who are ethnically Russians.

Also NATO puppet government in Ukraine: violence, military intervention by foreign countries, and ethnic genocide is the only solution on the Ukrainian civil war because we now lied that Russians and all Ukrainians in separatist states are responsible for the massacres from our Azov thugs despite our claim that violence is never the solution.

One thing I love about the hypothetical invasion of Russia is the implicit mass slaughter of citizens. Because literally none of these battle plans seem to take noncombatants into account.

wait why did op get banned? just curious.

wisconcom alt?

Who is wisconcom?

Hoxhaist who hated “revisionism”. He got banned and came back with alts, sort of like teaischee from the world of warplanes community, lol.


Where’s NAFO?


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Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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