I wish. lol

I wouldn’t call socialism toothless and domesticated. We are for the violent overthrow of the state. That is the difference between a socialist and a social democrat. At the end of the day we are ready to fight, to kill, and to bring justice to those for which justice ought be brought.

So, no, socialism is not a pacifist house pet.

but we aren’t eating babies

that’s true enough, but if people are going to believe that then that’s what they’re going to believe. To dispel that we should avoid being isolated. Nobodies going to believe the person they know and work with wants to eat their children, especially when they have an established common ground.

but you see, my dear comrade, we are not human! We just pop out of the ground and immediately start plotting for the demise of those poor western bois who have never done anything wrong! : )

I like this point. Where do communists even come from? Why am I even a communist despite having no one who lead me astray and having the vast majority of my influences being vehemently opposed to communism. Otherwise I exist as a common working man with a relatively ordinary life, yet something made me a communist. In the same way people believed in spontaneous generation, something is there making communists out of the working people. Where do we come from?

Where do we come from?

Well, there is always going to be exceptions, even in the most lib societies there are going to be the percentage of workers who, through a culmination of experience and research, become class conscious. We are the percent that did, we are a part of the rapidly growing slice of population pie. And with our literature and history, there is never going to be humanity without at least some being communists. We’re here to stay.

It used to be that communists or ML literature had to be in close contact in order for people to radicalize into communists, but now there is the internet. Our literature and movement is now Omnipresent on the World wide web, with anyone having an internet connection able to access it. So now people can radicalize out of nowhere, with no other communists nearby. So it is because of that too.

A combination makes it so that we are just workers who saw through, even for a brief second, into the other side, and chose to look into it further. We read, we interacted with communists from all over the globe, and we saw videos from a similar diversity of people. Everyone can be a communist, no matter the age, gender, sexual orientation, and education.

I’m rambling all over the place, but basically, its just random chance combined with good intuition.

well spoken friend. I wouldn’t say you were rambling. What you wrote was concise and well organized. I enjoyed it.

Class perspective

I mean, let’s not discount that socialism can and must be ferocious in some regards to withstand imperialists and fascists trying to destroy it.

Still more merciful than what capitalism offers.

Comrade Ben

Screw capitalist propaganda

The right one is socialism for fascists/capitalists who refuse to be reeducated/surrender their property

KiG V2

Needs a third, even more horrifying beast labelled “Capitalism in reality”


That’s why I always laugh when the media calls our party left extremist. Extreme to whom? TO WHOM??? With our extreme ideas of housing and healthcare and solidarity and anti-capitalism.

Socialism is a beast to the life of wealth hoarders

Both are true.

Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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