Bury The Right

Now I truly feel I’m among comrades seeing that you all are appreciators and rememberers of old school YTPs.

Chocolate raaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

I am so fucking tired of seeing Charlie and Mutahar everytime I open the website. Especially since they’re both liberals with trash tier political takes.


Damn really? I still enjoy Charlie’s videos though.

What is wrong with Penguinz0? I don’t watch him often but from what I saw it seemed harmless. Same deal with Professor Dave. Only stuff I saw from him was stuff against flat earthers.

I’ve seen a couple of cringey takes from him, but as far as mainstream YouTubers go, he’s actually decried racists and made fun of incels. It’s an extremely low bar, I know, and it’s a glaring indictment on the platform that I have to say I’m relieved to see a prominent YouTuber actually criticise those things, rather than it being the norm.

reject modernity, embrace dramatic hamsterism

Embrace Bad Luck Brian; pagan!


must be because it lumps you into political feed, I mostly see stuff related to what I like and stuff from my favorite content creators.

When I close my eyes I see TourettesGuy❤️

Capitalism ruins everything it touches.

Feels good, I have no idea who any of the people on the right are


I only know Johnny Harris and the one react dude whom I think is in a meme.


You’re in a good place in life.

Hey, don’t lump Technology Connections in with the trash! He’s great and one of the few channels that hasn’t become money hungry content mills!

The same can be said about some of the science channels. I’m not sure why they are on there. Seems like a repost from something non political


Yeah, the meme creator could have easily put other heavily watched channels, pewdiepie, vaush, destiny, etc.

Why is there the German lady who does videos about physics?? Is she cringe too??

Idk but I’ve seen several of hers. I’m not a scientist but she is persuasive and seemingly has “no nonsense” criticism that feels constructive. She is more than just a tuber.

Ive only seen one other person on here (unless I just can’t see well, I certainly do partake in the talking-head tuberverse) Its the guy 2nd from bottom on the right. He has done take downs of flatearthers. I think he is an example of a scientist that has a poor grasp of sociology or philosophy and portrays people as drooling fools for not understanding his science. I think it’s off-putting, snobby, even ableist, despite being effective at teaching the science surrounding the earth’s shape.

Yeah clearly she has a very high level of academic training in physics, she’s a scientist before being a tuber. Doesn’t mean she can’t be ideologically cringe, I know one who is a big big math dude but he made videos about utilitarian morality and voting systems that are absolutely uptopian, and now he is actively parroting imperialist propaganda while complaining about how academic research is unreliable because of capitalism lmao

So yeah I was wondering if she was like him but at the same time she debunked a lot of idealistic interpretation of quantum physics so she got that

Wait until you see Balkan YouTube in 2012-2016 and 2017 onward

2009 was peak youtube

2009 was peak Internet, more like.

Yeah, and coupled with its godawful search algorithm (where if you don’t enter EXACTLY what you want, you’ll get sweet FA), and the fact that someone in Google thought it would be a genius idea to shove irrelevant things IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEARCH RESULTS… yeah, I’m done. I’m running out of things to watch on YouTube at this point, especially during meal-time.

I should probably just switch to watching Anime, really. I do have some anime in mind that I want to watch or continue watching; but can’t naturally get myself into watching anime (in general) for some reason.

Unless it’s one of those short Anime Clips you sometimes find on YouTube. I don’t have a problem watching those for some reason. Then again I binge-watched all of Death Note when I heard of it a long time ago… back when YouTube was still a somewhat decent place…

You know, I’ve not been able to put my finger on it, but you’re right.

YouTube search is terrible.

I’ve just realised how little I use YouTube nowadays. I just cannot seem to find content that I’m interested in.

For example if I want a lecture on topic X – and I know there are full lectures of that sort – all the search returns is shitty introductory clips by people with opinions on topic X or by people who summarise the topic so succinctly they may as well be talking about anything else. The lectures by people who know their stuff are impossible to find without a direct link.

Not just YouTube search. Most Search Engines in general, but especially Google have become absolute dogshit these days. We need a new, decent search engine that actually gets you the thing you want.

In the meantime, how were you able to find your lecture?

I agree. I tend not to use Google search. Except for Google scholar every so often. Although I’m told that most other search engines just put a different face on; underneath, they rely on Google.

I’m not sure how true that is, but either way… the problem with all search engines is their preference for returning sales websites or ‘journalism’ that is written solely to convert views into ad clicks. But the nature of search engines means the results are presented in such a way that hints at their veracity and authority.

For example searching ‘can people with XYZ (e.g. a medical condition) eat ABC?’ And the search will return loads of articles about XYZ and ABC, but it’s clear that the writers are not, usually, experts. Or they’re selling something related to XYZ or ABC.

You only see the problem if you know what you’re looking for. It’s dangerous. (I’m not having a dig at the writers, who are likely just trying to get by; it’s the system that’s flawed.)

Don’t get me started on Google’s decision not to crawl forums. Some forums contain some good stuff, but they rarely show up in Google anymore. Google prefers to pitch us it’s own services and affiliated social media. Same with the other big tech companies.

Searching for ‘forum + topic’ tends to return links to blogs that include lists of ‘top forums’, but the forums themselves don’t show up. And the popular forums on those lists tend not to be very good.

Ah, I didn’t! Well, I’m not talking about a specific lecture, really. I mean, for example, that I know of loads of academics whose talks are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. If you know the academic’s name, you might be able to search for it on a general search engine.

This may take you to e.g. university websites that publicise the original events and link to the recordings on YouTube. Or you might find the academic’s page on their own university’s website, with links to publications and conferences.

But when you search the same academic or topic on YouTube… they’re nowhere to be found.

I’d like to watch lectures in Spanish. If I explore a Spanish university website, I can find some links to public lectures. But when I search for the topic titles in Spanish… Nothing.

It’s frustrating.

Worse, perhaps: IRL the only person I’ve mentioned this to who understood what I was talking about was a professor of information retrieval or some such area. Nobody else seems to notice. Except you, of course, but citizens of the Lemmyverse are going to be more knowledgeable about this kind of thing than the average browser. Almost everyone I speak to just assumes that searche engines are thorough and rigorous and are shocked when I say they’re useless and biased.

Well, thanks for coming to my talk.

Almost everyone I speak to just assumes that searche engines are thorough and rigorous and are shocked when I say they’re useless and biased.

Most people tend to not notice or believe things until it happens to them. That’s why people still support reactionary politics despite continuous articles stating its demerits (that overweigh any “merits” it has). They’ve been lucky enough to be hit with good search results. But don’t worry, their time of realization will come too.

You should be careful, Anime tends to produce a large amount of reactionary/racist internet losers, more than most popular media these days.

Alunya𝕏ers [she/her]

I never really quite understood how Anime created reactionaries.

But ok, I’ll try and stay vigilant. Thanks.

How far we have fallen

Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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