it’s like the anime, but without the cyborg waifu or the cool implants!

“Crypto isn’t just speculation, the Blockchain will have real technical applications!”

The technical applications :

Apparently, Mao didn’t kill enough landlords


Call me Biggie Smalls cause I’ll kick in the door wavin the 44

Every day, I feel more and more like just becoming a terrorist

smells like more landlord beheadings

I can already imagine the flood of op-eds defending the “poor landlords” just trying to get by.

Imagine the shock when its slated to debut in Western country

To paraphrase William Gibson, cyberpunk is already here - it’s just unevenly distributed

Even the cyberpunk got commodified

Of course. Gotta convince the proles that it’s cool and hip and not at all mind wrenchingly horrible and dehumanising

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