Breaking news: evil totalitarian commies want us all reduced to mindless cellular automatons! /S



their incentive is to stay alive

Not necessarily.
They have reflexes that favored their species’ evolutionary survival. They just do what is automatic to them.

Adenosine triphosphate is necessary for cells to survive, but it’s not as if one organelle does everything for the cell and everything else just leaches. TLDR there is a profit incentive but more like a socialist model

I feel like it works a little like a distribution chain, where yes, different organelles put in different inputs and take out different outputs, but its equal, mutual, and necessary for survival. Like for example you’re not going to see the mitochondria hoard ATP due to a profit motive, because that would lead to its death as well.

This; it’s like an exact metaphor for socialism. Obviously not all folks will be factory workers, there will also be policemen, soldiers, teachers, other intellectual workers, and other blue collars.

So? Why don’t they get an employer cell to supply them with a wage for their work with which they can purchase the molecules they require for life?

This seems like a very inefficient system, a profit based one would make these cells much more productive!


that’s how mitochondria work. It’s more of a mutualistic thing however as the alternative would be to get eaten by another cell very quickly.

Granted, that evolution was more of a “forced adoption” scenario but it worked out for everyone in the end. I would probably see that more as mutual union where both cells depend on one another to survive, rather then a coercive subjugation like in a job market.

Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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